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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am an INDIAN. I am in Minority :(

Thoughts for a special occasion - 26 / Jan / 2012 - 63rd republic day

74% think "I am an Aryan"
24% think "I am a Dravidian"
41% think "I am a Hindi-ite"
 8% think "I am a Bengali"
 7% think "I am a Telugu-ite"
 7% think "I am a Marati-ian"
 6% think "I am a Tamilian"
But, Where are "I am an Indian"?

80.5% think "I am a Hindu"
13.4% think "I am a Muslim"
  2.3% think "I am a Christian"
  1.9% think "I am a Sikh"
  0.8% think "I am a Buddhist"
  0.4% think "I am a Jain"
But, Where are "I am an Indian"?

16.5 M think "I am a Mumbaitie"
13.8 M think "I am a Kolkotan"
12.8 M think "I am a Delhiite"
  6.4 M think "I am a Madrasi"
  5.7 M think "I am a Bangalorean"
  5.5 M think "I am a Hyderabadi"
  4.5 M think "I am a Ahmedabadi"
But, Where are "I am an Indian"?

69% think "I am a Rural dweller"
31% think "I am a Urban Dweller"
74% think "I am a Literate"
26% think "I am a Illiterate"
Some think "I am a vegetarian"
Some think "I am a non-vegetarian"
Some think "I am a vegan"
Many in India think food itself is a luxury and
eating one full meal is being blessed!
But, where are "I am the Indian"?

"I am a Scheduled class"
"I am a Scheduled Tribe"
"I am a Backward class"
"I am a most backward class"
"I am an Aadivasi"
"I am an other backward class"
"I am a minority"
But, Where are "I am an Indian"?

I am a politician
I am a bureaucrat
I am a Journalist
I am a doctor
I am a government employee
I am an unemployed
I am a Aam Aadmi
But, Where are "I am an Indian"?

In a country of 1.2b, I find myself to be IN a MINORITY. No one gives a damn about me!..

I am an INDIAN.

Happy Reading!

1 comment:

  1. Rags, time to start protesting to get reservation for "Indian" now, but I don't know how many will give a damn about it :)