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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Musings: Calmness of my Conscience that scares me deep!

Fear is very often topic and tool for many of our academicians, philosophers and leaders. We have read / heard many on this. I had always believed in the quote Fear is the mother of morality. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Not just of morality but our current day religion and rituals are more of a byproduct of fear and nothing more. You may like this

Alternatively, If you are not scared of fear then the fear shall be scared of you. This is a slightly modified (one of my favorite) quote of Thiruvalluvar who quote on troubles as “இடும்பைக் கிடும்பை படுப்பர் இடும்பைக்கிடும்பை படாஅ தவர்”.

Coming to the current musing, this is a reflection on 2 things:

1.      The extent of social ills like corruption, absence of any discipline, adherence to law and lack of speedy justice to the society are all linked primarily to the silence of the majority who are law abiding, virtuous, benevolent and right minded. It’s their silence, tolerance and “Chalta Hai” attitude which is exploited by the leaders of our time. This needs to change and this change can start only with the self. Hence I have concluded that it’s the calmness of my conscience that troubles me most. If my conscience is not calm then it would propel me into corrective action which at a larger context would reflect in the society.

2.    I was listening to song, “Achha Paththu (அச்சப்பத்து)” from Thiruvaasagam (திருவாசகம்) last evening and was inspired by that. If someone knows to read Tamil they should certainly read this gem
This is very nicely put into tune by Maestro Ilayaraja here. Some of the puritans may like the classical Carnatic version but I love this one too.

3.      Ok. If you don’t know Tamil, then I suggest that you learn Tamil just to read Thiruvaasagam (திருவாசகம்) and you would thank me for the rest of your life. J

Now on to this blog:

Ain’t scared of fiery Volcanoes
Shaky quakes & Tsunami waves
Scarred ain’t of fires & floods
The poisons slow & the sands quick
But, dreaded I am at my deceitful friends!
Yeah! Dreaded I am at my deceitful friends!!

Ain’t scared of poisonous Snakes
The Elephants Lonely & the charging ox
Ain’t scared of the fiery beasts
Their hungry eyes, teeth & claws
But, Qualms I have at the cunning fox!
‘Coz, it’s the breach of faith by the cunning fox!

Ain’t scared of glamorous glances
Luscious lips & sensuous smiles
Scarred ain’t of the curvy hips
The husky words or the swaying backs,
But angst I have on stabbing my back!
It’s stabbing my back that I can’t stand!!

Ain’t scared of sticks and swords
Shapely spears & deadly weapons
Scarred ain’t of the unnatural deaths
The Deadly diseases & daily disorders
But I panic at my thirsty lusts
The ever growing greed & my lofty pride!!

Ain’t scared of the heaven & hell
The gods multiple & the meaningless rituals
Scarred ain’t of the religious terrorists
Fatal fundamentalists, their caste & creeds
But jitters I get when justice is delayed
For Justice delayed is justice denied!!

Ain’t scared of the leaders corrupt & the media biased
The changing values and the uncertain times
Scared ain’t to fight with the might,
To take a tough call or to temporarily fall
But it’s the reticence of the righteous that scares me deep!

It’s the silence of the spiritual that scares me deep!
It’s the apathy of the honest that scares me deep!
It’s the voicelessness of the virtuous that scares me deep!
It’s the muteness of the meritorious that scares me deep!

It’s the quiescence of the educated that scares me deep!
It’s the tolerance of the trustworthy that scares me deep!
It’s the taciturn of the truthful that scares me deep!
It’s the inaction of the benevolent that scares me deep!

Above all,
It’s the calmness of my conscience that scares me deep!
It’s the calmness of my conscience that scares me deep!!

Happy reading!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A $10b+ hype called God Particle!


- I am neither a physicist nor a researcher, who is qualified to comment on a highly technical subject like Gods particle. But going by the standards in main stream media in India, I am convinced that there are no qualifications required to report or comment on anything. As a common man, i am commenting on the much hyped discovery of the century, yet - God particle from what i understand.

- Beware, this blog may give you a fresh perspective, cutting the media hype and would probably make you think. I request that you to "think" and decide if you want to get into a remotely dangerous state called "thinking". :).

Let me start the blog with high respect to the scientific community who are sincerely struggling to unlock the hidden secrets of nature and there is not even an iota of intention to belittle their efforts. Kudos to them for successfully spending few billions of dollars in about 2 years and building a 27 kms loop structure underneath Switzerland and France. This has certainly pushed the limits of the boundary of the human efforts a little further.

1. In the overall media hype it is completely lost that CERN scientists have told that they have found something which indicates that it could be a BOSON. But they are not sure about its characteristics and they need more time to come (some time next year) with the characteristics of particle. Let’s get this right, a particle is found based on signal to noise ratio of 5 sigma level (as i understand) but they are not sure about its full characteristics but have come out with a possible mass value for the particle. Yeah!, that's right. They have not found god, they have not even confirmed that its "Gods particle" (which has no relevance to the name anyway) but they have found something about which they are 99% sure. This sounds like a classical Rahul Gandhi statement that 99% of the terrorist attacks are prevented in India by the government! In matters of life and death and in science anything less than 100% would not do.

2. One logical question i had was after spending few billion dollars did anyone expect that the scientific community to come back and tell us that they have not found anything? Hey, you have got a metal scrap framework for your $10b which can be part of the underground Disney land in future? huh!

3. As I understand, the overall solution fits into a standard model of particle physics which explains how particle acquires mass or the mass phenomenon behind elementary particles and also to explain a weak electromagnetic force. The theory proposes a new field called Higgs field and new particle. The issue is, the model still excludes how dark matter is formed and also it excludes gravity, one of the 4 forces of general theory of relativity. This means 96%+ of the universe is excluded from the standard model and it includes only less than 4% of which we are 99% sure as of today without much idea on its characteristics. :)

4. There was also a debate in one of the Indian TV channels on "Spirituality and Gods particle". Sadly neither the moderator nor the participants had much clue on the fact that the God particle is a misnomer and also what we have in our Vedic scriptures about the fundamental so called God's particle (Paramaanu). It was surprising to note that the traditional objections largely raised by the church and Islamic scholars for ages against any scientific inventions were applied across all religions. I wanted to stand up and highlight how Vedic scriptures contain tons and tons of slokas / verses based on this Paramaanu and also how this is codified in our languages esp. Tamil and Sanskrit. Btw, at the risk of repetition let me reinstate that the Boson is not the Paramaanu they are after since Paramaanu is applicable for the 100% of the universe and not for just 4% or less.

I would request you to read this eBOOK especially chapters 5 to 12 and 23 to understand the Gods particle in Vedic scriptures, its size, and characteristics.

If you are wondering if the chicken or egg came first, you would get the answer when you read chapter 5. Indian sages did not spend $10b and a 27 km laboratory to unveil this but they unlocked the secrets of universe through meditation which are codified in Vedas.

5. Assuming that Higgs Boson turns out to be as expected in 2013 then I have 2 predictions as its impact on modern science. Please note both the predictions are based on vedic scriptures since the current science / theory is in variance to it.

Prediction 1: Scrap / modify the big bang theory
The theory states that at the point of singularity when the big bang happened all the mass evolved from a single point, which burst across and consolidated as the present day universe. This has to be immediately scrapped. Please read the ebook which highlights that the entire universe was filled with Gods particle which were present in a resonant state of NON-VIBRATION. They were not confined to one point as we are popularly taught in our schools. Vedic scriptures say that this big bang was actually Pranava which is the primordial light and sound that released the energy because of which all these particles started its motion and condensed into the present day universe. Shiva Sutras state that the Damru of Shiva produced 14 sounds after pranava based on which the particles coalesced into the current day universe. This is the first prediction. You may find the matter and energy correlation in Tamil and Sanskrit language of the ebook drawing parallels to E= mc2.

Prediction 2: Change in the estimate of the age of the universe
Please read Chapter 12 which is about the vedic concept of time. In my opinion, none of the religions in the world can match the time and space measurements to vedic accuracy till date. ~13billions years predicted by the modern science as the age of the universe may get adjusted to something lesser like 4 to 8 billion years. The model ACDM or WMAP based on which the age of the universe is determined are based on specific constants like Hubble parameter or background energy of the subatomic particles. A deeper study would reveal that the scientific community has reservations on this as the accuracy of the age of the universe is based on the assumption that the model and the constants are accurate. I expect some changes in this and we may hear that as a universe we are much younger than 13 billion years. Why so?

As per Vedic scriptures the linear age of the universe is ~300 trillion years which is 100 years of Brahma. We are in the 51st age of Brahma which means the universe is ~155 trillion years old in the linear sense. But it is also told that after every day of Brahma (8.6 billion years) the world dissolves itself and recreates again. So the age of the universe should be less than 8.6 billion years old considering our scientists can measure the time only before the dissolution.

Now answer an interesting question, what happens to universe after 300 trillion years? It is told that the universe shall remain in a state of resonant non-vibration for another 300 trillion years and then the Pranava or the big bang shall come forth. So we are in a cycle of 300 trillion years. :)

One of the relatively new tamil scripture called Thiruvasagam (திருவாசகம்) in the 8th century AD (Yes, 8th century is pretty modern day of Vedic scriptures) Sage Mannikka vasagar gives a wonderful depiction of how the universe looks in its Thiruvanda Paguthi (திருவண்ட பகுதி).

"அண்டப் பகுதியின் உண்டைப் பிறக்கம்
அளப்பருந் தன்மை வளப்பெருங் காட்சி
ஒன்றனுக் கொன்று நின்றெழில் பகரின்
நூற்றொரு கோடியின் மேற்பட விரிந்தன
இன்னுழை கதிரில் துன்அணுப் புரையச் 5
சிறிய வாகப் பெரியோன் தெரியின்"

It says "The universe if full of spherical objects in innumerable quantities and its order and rhythm are a beautiful sight. Every object has a beauty of its own and they expand and spread across the universe in crores. See the sun rays that enter the house from a small hole in the roof, how the minute particles rotate around that is how the cosmic bodies rotate in the universe".

Though i said that it is a relatively new scripture in Indian history, considering that the rest of the world like Europe and America were in dark ages and here in India a sage says how the universe looks without any modern day gadgets and labs. The sun ray example was stunning as to this is the picture we have of the universe today. The sage states that the Panchakshara Mantra (Om Na Ma Si Va Ya) helped him to unlock the secrets of the universe.

So, how do i conclude this blog?

One of my friend from Singapore quipped that when ever modern science makes a discovery and unlocks a secret it quickly comes with a destructive aspect like a nuclear / hydrogen bomb from that knowledge. May be he is right, we should expect them to come out with BOSON bomb in the near future.

Rich scientific information is available in our scriptures which we and the rest of the world are comfortably ignorant of. May be the CERN scientists should partner with Indian pandits, get initiated into Panchakshara Mantra, chant this in front of the Nataraja statue they have installed in their CERN campus to unlock the secrets of the universe at a much cheaper cost. :). Why not?

When the world is in recession we have spent about $13b sofar, to unlock secret about 4% of the universe at 99% accuracy without much idea on its Characteristics and whose benefits would not be probably seen in not only in our generation but also in the next generation (as quoted by one CERN executive). Please let me know if any of us are trusted with a financial / executive decision like this would we have voted / approved it? 
I read that Peter Higgs ditched his wife for his career and hence successfully proposed this path breaking theory. This sounds interesting as he proved, not always that there is a lady behind every successful man. In this case he left the lady very far behind... :).

For the betterment of the world I think we need only one particle, let’s call as "Devil particle" which can instantly punish the wrong doer without any delay. Justice as per natural order (Dharma) should be dispensed instantly, till then none of the discoveries and inventions can help us evolve for the better.

The irrational hype around this event did prove again the famous Einstein quote (slightly modified) that "Two things are infinite - Universe and Media Hype and Iam not sure about the universe!"

Happy reading!

PS: This blog shall evolve as the hype around this evolves :)