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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teacher's Day

I am slowly moving into the school of thought that "You cannot teach or train anyone but the individual has to learn by himself". 

People and situations around us highlight, facilitate, at best inspire us or at worst force us to learn things. Universe, nature, Time, parents, teachers, friends, strangers, animals, above all foes and enemies, adverse situations, success and more so failures et al, either inspire or force us to learn.

There seems to be no other option for us but to learn and evolve and this is at the core of our existence. For all those who help me learn and evolve, my best wishes on the occasion of "Teacher day".

As a wise man said, lessons are more important than the learned yet learning is more important than the lessons. May everyday be a "Guru Divas" for us.

May this learning continue and the longing to learn grow!

Happy Reading!