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Monday, March 7, 2011

Musings: Keys for the Gateless gate!

This is an attempt to imagine a conversation between an average man and a sage (Zen or a Sufi monk). I have tried to link some of the concepts and quotes i liked in this imaginary conversation and stitched it into a loooong blog.... If you like any concept or construction it was certainly quoted by "one wise man".

Unless you are extremely interested in philosophy (esp. eastern philosophies), you may find it dry and boring... Attempt it at your own risk.

Man:     Good Evening to you, Sir!..
Sage:     Welcome Son. Hmmm….. Good evening? Good and bad follow each other just like Night and day. What do you do and why are you here?

Man:     Sir, I am a business man. I make one into two and make profits.  I am mentally very tired; give me some words of wisdom.
Sage:     Son, Pursue pleasures, pressures shall follow. Pursue profits, problems follow.

Man:     Sir, fear ridden and ever stressed, I fight my tears in the mask of my manliness.
Sage:   Son, If nature did not want you to cry then it would not have endowed you with tear glands. Cry as you please. Cry at will and cry as much as you want.

Man:     Sir, please tell me how can I be at peace?
Sage:   What do I tell you?

Man:     Sir, there isn’t a resting place for my thoughts. Please tell me something from scriptures.
Sage:     So be it son, listen and understand this.

“That which is, is.
That which was, was.
That which would be, would be.
That which isn’t, isn’t
That which wasn’t, wasn’t
That which wouldn’t be, wouldn’t be…”
Man:     Sir, this sounds simple, yet complicated.
Sage:    Son,
However deep your knowledge of the scriptures,
It is no more than a strand of hair…”

Man:     Sir, Please tell me something from what was preached by ancient monks.
Sage:   So be it son, listen and understand this.
“It is nameless and formless,
Realize it,
Ever desire less one sees the mystery
Ever desiring, one sees the manifestations…”

Man:     Sir, Why is it always cryptic and confusing. Why is it this way?
Sage:   Son,  
This is because, that is.
That is because, this is.
This isn’t because, that is
That isn’t because this is…”

Man:     Sir…
Sage:   Yes Son. I know, you cannot follow this either.
“The ancient masters are subtle & profound
Because it is mysterious
All we can do is describe their appearance
And not understand their teachings….”

Man:     Sir… what is my problem?
Sage:   Son,
“Big egos shields empty spaces
Illusory masters of our piety choices
Certainly Ignorant & Ignorantly certain
Our deepest learning is in knowing
All Ignorance yet ever Ignorant is our way of living”

Man:     Sir… I agree that I am ignorant. Help me. What should I believe in?
Sage:   Son,
“When truth is forgotten, belief arises
When belief arises, priests arrive
When priests arrive, morality arises
When morality arises, kindness arrives
When kindness arises, hatred arrives
When hatred arises, fear arrives
When morality arises, fear arrives
When fear arises, desire and dislikes arrive
When morality arises, pretense arrives
May the truth prevail, renounce pretenses
May the truth prevail, renounce beliefs …”

Man:     Sir… then is believing bad?
Sage:   Son, Good and bad are subsets of the belief system. Neither it is about whether belief is good or bad nor it is about the progressive levels of truth but it is all about highest level of truth. When short on truth, you are long on belief. When the conduct weakens, then creed prevails.

Man:     Sir… I can’t understand the scriptures. I can’t follow the teachings of ancient masters. I should not believe in something. What should I do?
Sage:     Son, realize
                “There is nothing called teaching
                But it is always about learning
                Scriptures and preaching are like
                Names boards that point you right
                It can just point but not take you there 

Scriptures and preaching are like
Gardeners that protect & nurture the sprout
They can just protect but can’t make them grow

Scriptures and preaching are like
Midwives who can help you deliver from yourself
They can just help but can’t deliver for you

Scriptures and preachings are of no use
If it can’t stroke the spark within
If it can’t ignite the light within
If it can’t burn the desires within
If it can’t awaken the master within
Realize the scriptures and masters outside
Are just instruments to awaken the guru inside!

Man:     Sir… I realize my mistake. I should not have asked you to tell me something from scriptures and preachings for my problems. I should not have tried prescribing a solution to my problems. Sir, please tell what is right for me.
Sage:     Yes son. Looks like you have just arrived. Listen to me attentively. The path to knowledge starts not with teaching, not with learning but with unlearning.

Man:     Sir… unlearning?

The monkey has been reaching
For the moon in the water
Repeatedly, he'd let go the branch and
Disappeared in the deep pool
How would the monkey learn and yet unlearn?

Sage:     Son, understanding both the fundamental laws of nature and the state of being is the first step to that.

They say the laws of nature are profound and mysterious to the ignorant; it is simple and direct for the wise. You don’t have to work hard to understand them since nature on its own reveals them to those who are prepared.

·         Law of Organic whole:  Ekam Sat. The truth is only one. Always looks for un-manifested interconnections. This is the principle of interconnectedness.
·         Law of Impermanence: Recognize the permanence of Impermanence. The universe is ever evolving and hence ever changing. Seek the only truth that is ever constant.
·         Law on Non-duality:      Everything is a manifestation of energy. Energy is always bipolar, yet non-dual.
·         Law of Karma: Reap what you sow. This is the principle of reciprocity.
·         Law of attraction: Likes attract. Seek and you shall get.
·         Law of Pluralistic uniqueness: Pluralistic uniqueness is nature’s own manifestation.
·         Law of receptivity:  Let go. The more you give the more you have. In fact you only have what you give.
·         Law of perception: You are your deep driving passion. All manifestations of nature will be subject to this interpretation. Be aware of this.
·         Law of Self evolution: Nature ensures we all evolve with time and no one can escape this. This also known as the principle of self learning.
·         Law of Infinity: Among all beings humans have the ability to think of the infinite. This capacity has been diminishing and been very muted.

Your state of being is a function of interaction between 5 elements of nature, 5 sheaths of bodies and 7 centers of energy within you…

“Aligned Gravity prepares Pranic infrastructure
Pranic purity leads to emotional stability
Chakral purity leads to mental clarity
Clarity and Stability leads the internal journey
Sensitivity and Awareness accelerates the journey”

Man:     Sir… These have always been islands of information and not an integrated knowledge. How do I integrate them? I have been knocking at the door and it has not opened for me yet.
Sage:     Here you come.

A preacher was teaching his disciples:   “Keep knocking continuously at the door and it will be opened one day.”
An old monk told the preacher, “How long will you say that the door will be opened. The door was never shut.”  

Man:     Sir…
“…Islands of information as it appears
Hidden is the thread that unites
Hidden in the daily din of our worldly lives

Some say that the truth sounds paradoxical
I say the truth never sounds
I say, the truth is buried deeply in silence

As you see one in all and all in one
You shall see that a perfect square has no corners

As you see one in all and all in one
You shall see, that there weren’t any doors

As you see one in all and all in one
Dust from the mirror
Cleansed much with care
Gone is the mirror
You naïve were focused on the dust…”

Man: …..
Sage:  In life,
Master the science of transmuting
Adversity to opportunity,
Failures to learning,
Success to humility,
Prosperity to moderation,
Authority to motivation,
Energy to goodwill

Learning without words
Working without doing
Giving without hesitation,
Losing without regret
acquiring without meanness,
Learning without pride

It’s a karmic life; live in a dharmic way
with no hatred in action and harm to none
With love for all in heart and thoughts
don’t destroy the roses to avoid the thorns
don’t waste your life living at other’s pace!
Connecting to yourself ignoring the race
Hearing your breath and the silence in space!

Finally realize
Turning one to two is loss 
Turning many to one 
Seeing many in one and 
one in many is profit

Man: Many thanks Sir. Please point me to 2 qualities that can restore peace within me  and anchor me in peace.
Sage: Son, Compassion and Silence…. They are the keys to the gateless gate!

The sage thought that if this man has understood the importance of these two qualities then there shall be no more questions.

And there weren't any more questions!

Happy reading!