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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Makara Shankaranthi / Pongal / Lohri.. 2014

Prostrations to mother & father
Prostrations to Guru
Prostrations to Sun god
Prostrations to the rain god
Prostrations to mother Earth
Prostrations to Mother Tamizh

Gratitude to ancestor’s blessings
Gratitude to friend farmers
Gratitude to their noble work
Gratitude to Cow and Ox

Pot rice that’s boiled and cooked
Sweet rice to you and me
Sugarcane to kids & friends
Saffron rice to crows and cows

A handful of rice balls to unfed & poor
A handful of rice flour to ants and worms
A handful of silver to our sisters & brothers
A heart full of wishes to our family & friends

Sow right thoughts, reap right words
Sow right words, reap right deeds
Sow right deeds, reap right habits
Sow right seeds, reap right fruits

There is a time to till, a time to sow
There is a time to water, time to mow
This is the time to reap, fight the low
Let’s reap yet sow and fight the low!

Health to you, wealth to you
Might to you, right to you
Peace to you, prosperity to you
May the best of times chase you!

Happy Pongal!