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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

India 2014 - Hope is a waking dream!

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it" ~ Albert Einstein

Some of my friends would have found me extremely active discussing political topics for the last few months and overtly supporting Mr. Narendra Modi. Some are not very happy about this, few were surprised on my strong bias and many thought Namo as PM was absurd.

On May 18, 2009, five years before I wrote this article on the eve of results election announced in India.

I would not have any hesitation to accept that I voted for Mr. Manmohan Singh and regretted for that. I started calling him "Shikandi Singh" for his disastrous performance and had this blog done on him here, in Feb 2013..

Lets look at some interesting election stats first:
  • EC has seized INR 331Cr of money,(out of which 153 Cr is in AP alone), 325 lakh litres of liquor and 1.85 lakh Kgs of drugs during these 45 days. Can you believe that?
  • Over 75K FIRs are filed during the election period, 13K+ in each of WB, TN and UP. Now you know where the major problems were!
  • Highest ever voting % @ 66.21%+ on a 834m voter base for 543 seats. It was a huge 168m voters who were between 18-25 i think who made the difference.
  • Of the 8000+ candidates reviewed ~17% (15% in 2009) have criminal cases against them and ~ 11% (2009 - 8%) have serious criminal charges against them. This means cleaning politics of criminals has not succeeded but worsened in last 5 years.

I firmly believed that these elections are very crucial and it could make or break a country like India for few more decades. The disastrous UPA government that clearly placed everything else above nation's sovereignty, security, the incestuous relationship with anti-nationals, the impunity with which corruption was carried out, the arrogance and unaccountable responses that were thrown at the citizens, the cunning responses from the lawyer turned ministers, weakening of every institution possible and the communal poison that was seeded.. and the list can go on for which i believed there should be a change. As a wise man said "It always with the darkest skies, you see the stars brightest".

If you had looked around for choices as to who could lead us, you had none. I could not believe that BJP leaders like Sushma, Advani can deliver the final punch that the dynasty led Congress party deserves. Maya, Mulayam, Jaya, Pawar were nightmares as PM candidates and the only choice was Modi. Congress certainly offered Rahul Gandhi and any one who has heard him speak and in the right senses would not vote for him. 

Modi very clearly positioned himself in "Right of Center" and more importantly he gave hope that he can talk about development without playing majorly on caste, creed and religion which we are all very sick of. He proved himself with a kind of Innovative, untiring, reaching out to largest number of people in Indian history with 437 rallies, travelling about 4 lakh Kms.

He came across as a leader could connect with large segment of the voter with local issues, raise their vision, had set the agenda and others followed. More importantly he was a dealer in hope for a large section of Indians who are oppressed with inflation, job loss, deceleration and poor governance. For me Namo was offering a 4 letter word called Hope - with sleeves rolled up!

While the election result is yet to be out and we have seen the exit polls which predicts a comfortable majority to NDA, and I believe unless EC plays a foul game with EVM machines NDA should reach some where between 300 to 330 seats and anything above 70 seats to Congress would be a surprise. With 6 million voter names deleted from the voter list through some foul play Maharashtra is key state with possible poor results.

My top priorities for the new Government are very clearly as follows:
  1. Create a policy driven state.
    • This means strengthen institutions.
    • Eliminate discriminatory powers as much as possible.
    • Systems to cross check - like a parliamentary panel with all political for any major decisions.
    • Clear pending judicial cases and ensure that time bound punishments for all high profile cases.
  2. Decriminalize public life.
    • Politics, judiciary and bureaucracy all needs to be decriminalized.
    • Negligence and crime should have high cost consequences for criminals.
    • Check massive proliferation of foreign funded NGOs. 
  3. Strengthen Internal security.
    • Strengthen border security and stop infiltration and illegals.
    • Identify and disenfranchise illegals.
    • Strengthen information flow and appoint all vacant posts - Police, Law enforcement. 
  4. Kick start economy
    • I have always maintained that for India to grow at 6%, we do not need any government. We need a government to grow beyond 6% and we should target 10% growth in the next 3 years.
    • Promote low tax, high tax payer base, high cost of non-compliance environment.
    • Gain back investor confidence.
    • Bring back black money - don't be lenient on this.
  5. Ensure Social harmony
    • Minimal government lean and interference with religious groups and vice versa.
    • Free up Hindu temples from government clutches and ensure that the continuous loot of temple wealth stops.
    • Ensure time bound justice to communal riots. Be very hard on them.
    • Clean up news media that is infested with anti-nationals and communal elements who spread poison.
  6. Try some Moon shots
This government should try some moon shots probably on priority:
    • Energy Security: Electricity surplus, alternate power generation on a massive scale, Thorium based energy, 24/7 Electricity to all villages.
    • Water Security: Linking of rivers, Quality drinking water for all villages and of course cities, Desalination plants on a massive scale. 
We are still awaiting the election results and I hope Narendra Modi is elected as the next PM and he runs the country in the same way he ran his campaign - Innovative, Inclusive, disciplined and demanding. I shall close this blog with the words of Emily Dickinson!

"Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 
And never stops at all!"

I wish all my fellow Indians a golden period for the next 5 years filled with peace and prosperity.

Jai hind!

Happy reading!

PS: Astrology predictions - Namo would not be in a position to form a stable government immediately and after few months of uncertainty he will form a stable government and run India for 10 years ;). But believe me, Hope costs nothing! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Akshara - Word - Language" - Its nature, science and few basics

Disclaimer: It is an articulation of what i have understood and sharing it as a blog. Any suggestions / comments welcome.

Everything in this world vibrates. Whatever vibrates produces a sound. Every vibration has sound, meaning, form, colour and light. While all of us may agree on the sound being part of vibration some of us would not agree that it always has a meaning, colour and light. 

Sounds are of 2 types:

1. That which is part of an human language. Here word is constructed from letters and each word has its meaning and the language being compiled using the grammar.

2. Sounds that are not part of human language and hence does not make sense to us. Hence we may perceive that it does not have any meaning. Here too there are sounds which have meaning like Beeja Aksharas or animal sounds which certainly has meaning. But lets ignore the second type in this blog and focus on the first.

In the first type the aggregation of vibration as sound can be represented with a Akshara (Alphabet / letter) which also has a meaning. If you need more details you can refer to this site which offers more details on Sanskrit alphabets.

So, this alphabet is called Akshara - which is formed by the merging of sound, meaning, form, color and light. This is the origin or Moolam in Tamil. This akshara cannot be broken down further which means sound and its attribute (meaning), light and its attributes (form, color) all coexist and cannot exist independently. In tamil and Sanskrit this combination of light and sound is called Bindu and Nadham.

Let’s look at the attributes of light which is the form of the letter. There are 4 fundamental shapes that gives rise to form. Dot, Line, Curve (Cresent) and circle also known as Bindu, kodu, pirai, vattam in Tamil. All forms in this universe are based on the combination of the above 4 fundamental shapes. 

Everything starts with bindu (dot), at a very small time-distance dimension everything is a straight line (Kodu), at a medium spacio-temporal dimension everything is a pirai or curve / cresent, because everything is rotating. At a very large time-distance dimensio everything is a circle in 2 dimension and a helical spiral leading to a sphere in 3D. Alternatively what can be said is a bindu (dot) over Spacio temporal journey becomes a line, cresent, a circle / sphere and ends as a dot. "What starts with a bindu ends in a bindu after this journey".

Now, lets look at the fundamentally attributes of an akshara. Each letter apart from having meaning, sound, light, form, color as 5 attributes has further attributes as:

1. State of its existence:  As either matter, energy (life- vowels), Consonants - Energy+Matter, a living word. Only when they combine a letter itself is formed. Body + life is a living organism and hence an Akshara. 
2. Gender: Each Akshara can also be classified as a male, or female or neuter gender. These articles below can explain this paragraph better.

So an akshara has the following 7 attributes - sound, meaning, form, color, light, gender, state of existence. When Aksharas combine with each other and with time a word is produced. Each Akshara has a small time duration called Matra. When Aksharas combine then so many matras get added and a word is formed.

Or alternatively time (Kaalam) creates word from a combination of aksharas. When the combination of sound, light, meaning, form and color is aligned with the vibration then it is called as word. When everything is aligned in the above fashion the word has a natural rhythm. This is called Seelam in Tamil.

Combination of words form a language. A language so created from the moolam (primordial vibration) by the kaalam (time) with seelam (natural rhythm aligned with primordial vibration) that retains a natural meaning for that vibration is a classical language. This means 7 attributes of each alphabet is aligned well that the word's attributes are in line with the sum of the attributes of the letter. The quick measure for this are:

1. Can you break a word to its roots, ie. individual letters?
2. Does each letter carry a meaning?
3. More importantly when these letters are combined is the individual meanings of the letter retained in the word?
4. Does each letter sound uniquely?
5. Does that letter retain that sound in a word? Alternatively when you add the sounds of the letter can you pronounce the word?

These words also take a gender in a classical language. So a word has 2 more attributes than the alphabet. They are time (kaalam) and ability to combine / fusion (sandhi) as per the grammar. Here grammar is an expression of seelam (natural rhythm).

When you speak in classical languages like Sanskrit and Tamil, there is no difference between how the word is pronounced and how the letters in that combination is pronounced. There are no silent words and the pronunciation will not change with different words.

For Ex. In Psychology (P) is silent. This can be written as Sykhology, cykhology and everything can be right.

So an Akshara has 7 attributes as mentioned above and words have 2 more attributes and these attributes fundamentally define a language. I am stopping this article now and based on queries raised for this blog, i shall write the next article on this topic.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Makara Shankaranthi / Pongal / Lohri.. 2014

Prostrations to mother & father
Prostrations to Guru
Prostrations to Sun god
Prostrations to the rain god
Prostrations to mother Earth
Prostrations to Mother Tamizh

Gratitude to ancestor’s blessings
Gratitude to friend farmers
Gratitude to their noble work
Gratitude to Cow and Ox

Pot rice that’s boiled and cooked
Sweet rice to you and me
Sugarcane to kids & friends
Saffron rice to crows and cows

A handful of rice balls to unfed & poor
A handful of rice flour to ants and worms
A handful of silver to our sisters & brothers
A heart full of wishes to our family & friends

Sow right thoughts, reap right words
Sow right words, reap right deeds
Sow right deeds, reap right habits
Sow right seeds, reap right fruits

There is a time to till, a time to sow
There is a time to water, time to mow
This is the time to reap, fight the low
Let’s reap yet sow and fight the low!

Health to you, wealth to you
Might to you, right to you
Peace to you, prosperity to you
May the best of times chase you!

Happy Pongal!