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Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Civility is in "Indifference"

Yes, its been some time since i blogged. I should thank a host of news reports over the last few days both "light" and "heavy" which prompted me to come back.

1. Fatal bum lift: A 38-year-old former Miss Argentina has died from complications after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her buttocks. Solange Magnano, a mother of twins who won the crown in 1994, died of a pulmonary embolism Sunday after three days in critical condition following a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires.

When i read this i did not know whether to cry to laugh. She just managed to lose her life just for a "firmer back". With all due respects to the departed soul, lets pray that god would implant brain at the right place in her next life.

2. Toilet paper shortage in house of commons: "KGB" led disaster in the house of commons left the Lords of the Westminster red faced & (dry a***ed), raiding ladies toilet too in search of toilet papers. Kevan, Gena and Brown (KGB) the company managing supplies of toilet papers has accepted the shortage and agreed to "look into the issue".

I was rolling in splits thinking about the "lords" running around the house of commons after the "act". Can it get any funnier? I fear the commission of inquiry and its transcripts from victims shall be the "most stinking" report ever produced in the history of human race.

3. Tiger population in US is set to increase overtaking India's: Now you would be surprised at this news story from the "The news that wasn't". The super fine golf champ had agreed that he "Tee"-d off outside his marriage and stuck to the "holing the ball" game on and off his course. While the entire story is still unfolding about the crashed car rear windows, a sullied and angry spouse blah blah... i think knowing the champ's mastery in the 18 hole games, this "secret" fling against agreed social norms if its productive then certainly promises to increase the "Tiger" population in US. :).

4. Men on the brink of extinction: We all know that a male is a male because of the "Y chromosome". Per prof. Jennifer Gravis, this "Y" chromosome is dying and "men" shall be wiped out of the earth in the next 5 million years. It is estimated that the "Y chromosome" had 1400 genes on it 300 millions years ago and now it has reduced to a mere 42. Over this period of time there is a consistent deterioration.

But, but, before some of my esteemed "fem lib" readers give a huge sigh of relief, let me break the bad news for them. There are few species in the rodent and fauna family which had lost this "Y chromosome" yet their male species managed to thrive without them. Reason: Some other gene has adapted to the function. :))

Coming to more serious issues within our great country, one of the topics which was occupying quite an amount of prime time is Liberhan report over the demolition. I was surprised at the following:

1. The whole country and almost all of the media houses were aware of the report but not the parliament. The report looks like a closely kept secret just for our MPs.

2. I don't understand the cries that this leak lowered the dignity of the house. "In the 15th Lok Sabha there are 150 newly elected MPs who have criminal cases pending against them as compared to 128 MPs in 2004,". If close to 1/3rd of the members have serious criminals records, with the highest from BJP with 42 and then from congress with 41, i am not sure what dignity the house holds. Remember they have charges and not proved yet they found it fine to represent us.

But the last news item which had prompted me get back to blogging is the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal tragedy and the state of affairs as of now.

  • Methyl Isocyanate leak led to 25000 deaths (3500 as claimed by Govt) and millions affected by it.
  • Complaints of the $470m compensation paid by DOW chemicals, not reaching the right pockets. This is no news in India.
  • There is not even one soul who is brought to justice for this criminal act and successive Indian governments have clearly ignored the issues.

The reasons as i can think of ignoring such a huge crime are:

  1. No one can play politics out of this tragedy. Had any of the political parties had been behind this disaster we could see our leaders vying for attention atleast for the sake of browny points.
  2. The affected people are the poorest of the poor you can find on this country and hence no powerful organizations or leaders want to associate with them for justice delivery.
  3. The affected people have not resorted to violence or taken up arms just like the Maoists or naxals have resorted to. I think in a country where the criminal justice system is paralyzed and defunct it takes money or power or force to make people deliver justice.
  4. Finally the most important issue as i see is the "Indifference in our attitude to the social issues that does not affect us". I think as a society we have become very indifferent and symbolic in our responses. Light a candle, switch off the lights for one hour in a year, form human chain... i don't understand why we want to waste our time in all such stupid symbolic responses.

While i don't have any better ideas than being angry at the helpless situation we are in, i am certainly ashamed to be part of a society where "Victims are begging for justice even after 25 years".

Without any effort on research, I think i can add more to Prof. Jennifer Gravis findings that both men and women in this society have lost all the important genes and the ones which we are left with are all about being Lazy, selfish, fearful, symbolic and indifferent".

Alas!!! The Indus valley civilization is today reduced to an "Indifferent Civilization" !!.

I wish i am born again after 5 million years to understand the quality of men in this society without the "Y chromosomes" to see if that would be any better. Till then,

Yours Indifferently!

Happy reading!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good living is in balancing the extremes...

I don't have to start this story as "Long long ago, so long ago, No body knows how long ago..." because you can assume that this piece of story happening everyday in a similar measure to us and all the people we know. Yet this highlights a very important perspective in life.

Once there was a farmer who had a horse (safely assume that this story has happened in China / Japan). One night as he was winding up his day, he took his horse to the barn and did not secure the lock of the barn.

Next day he finds his horse is missing or escaped his barn. Obviously he too had neighbors as we do and one of the neighbors walked in to offer his condolences. "What a misfortune, that you have lost your horse!"

The farmer did not answer and was silent. But smiled to himself.

Few days later his horse returned back and to everyone's surprise another horse followed his horse and now the farmer had 2 horses. Here comes his neighbor saying "What a fortune, you have 2 horses now!"

The farmer did not answer and was silent. But smiled to himself.

The horses were growing old and the farmer was hoping to get a Colt (horse calf) from these 2 horses (Oh! i thought it was unnecessary to mention that one was a Stallion (male horse) and other was a mare (female horse). Remember there is no need for article 377 and then for it to be repealed in the animal kingdom :)).

Coming back to the story, there was no sign of the colt arrival hence our neighbor arrived saying "What a misfortune that you are not getting a colt from these 2 horses!"

The farmer again did not answer and was silent. But smiled to himself.

After few months the mare delivered a beautiful Colt and everyone was happy. The neighbor walked in happily giggling "What a fortune now you have 3 horses! May this tribe swell and grow!"

The farmer again did not answer and was silent. But smiled to himself.

As the Colt grew up, the farmer's son wanted to train and was very attached to this colt. One day the farmer's son fell down and broke his leg while training the Colt. Here came our neighbor saying "What a misfortune this new horse has beget us!"

The farmer again did not answer and was silent. But smiled to himself.

As the farmer's son was healing his wounds the country went for a war. They drafted all able and young people for the war. Because the farmer's son was injured they did not draft him. Here came our neighbor saying "What a fortune this Colt has brought for you. It saved your son!"

The farmer again did not answer and was silent. But smiled to himself.

Lets stop the story here. This is one of the popular Tao / Zen stories and am sure some of you would have read or heard this. As i read this:

1. I thought the farmer is not just a farmer but should be termed as a monk / wise man / least a normal human being who has lost his speaking ability. :)

2. Good and Bad are in the perspectives and are relatives - Nothing is absolute here.

3. "Good" follows "bad" and vice versa - Yin cannot exist without Yang and Yang without Yin. Remember "Joy is pain camouflaged, Success is failure camouflaged".

4. A lot many of us have read / heard this story but have not realized that there is huge difference between reading and understanding a concept and a larger gap between understanding a moral and living it.

5. If any one of you is thinking if this story has actually happened or if this farmer exists / ever existed in this world, I am sorry to say that you are too analytical and judgmental in life and probably you are losing out a lot in life which you have not realized.

6. I often keep telling this "You are not as good as people say when you succeed and not as bad as people say when you lose"...

For me the moral is simple. As one wise man said "Good living is in balancing the extremes..." Its the balance which we need to strive for and as we are striving for it, enjoy the ups and downs of life!.

Happy Reading!

Friday, October 16, 2009

May the festival of lights help you light the light within!


Priya joins me in wishing you and your family a very happy, funfilled and prosperous Diwali.

"May a thousand suns make your life brighter
May a thousand moons make your life healthier
May a thousand smiles make your life lighter
May a thousand sweets make your life sweeter
May a thousand prayers make your life peaceful
May a thousand sparkles make your life Joyful
May the day today problems make you stronger
May the day today journey make you wiser
May the festival of lights on this autmn night
May help you find the might within!
May the festival of lights on this autmn night
May help you light a light within!"

Happy Diwali!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vacation Snaps - Sep 2009

Place: Nagarahole - Tiger Reserve forest

Tusker Charging our jeep...

It was Nagarahole on Sep 27th, 2009 and we (I, Aishu (my daughter) and a newly married couple (Coz the jeep for jungle safari was shared with the resort inmates) were returning from Jungle Safari. The driver took a small deviation at about 6pm in the evening to explore if we can see some wild animals.

At about 20 ft we saw a 8 feet tusker standing calmly right on the road and hence we could not drive further. The width of the road was just 8-10 feet making it difficult for a quick U turn. The driver suddenly decided to honk loudly and roar the vehicle in neutral to ward the tusker off.

The Tusker got turned on. It started charging our jeep. I was almost hanging outside the jeep trying to record this. When the driver took reverse at very high speed i lost my balance and by the time you can see i regaining some balance the tusker was at 10 feet.

Fortunately it decided to back off and get back into the forest after 15 minutes of hide and seek in the bushes. It gives me jitters every time i see this. Many were asking me to share this and hence it is here....

Generally elephants roam around as herds and mostly as you are focusing on the one that is charging your vehicle, the other one comes and takes you from your left or right. Fortunately this did not happen.

Also this guy was standing in the bushes for almost 10-15 minutes for us to move forward. We also waited for about 15 minutes and drove ahead after we were sure that it moved out. That was fun!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Herbal Support to Prevent and Help Cure Swine Flu

I read this very interesting piece of Swine flu care from a website and thought of sharing it here. The author of this piece is an authority in the field of therapeutic alternate medicine and a TaiChi grand master from China... The second suggestions sounds pretty simple.

The following herbal preparations can be taken to support the prevention and cure of Swine Flu:

I. Combine the following:
1. 30 grams of white radish
2. 15 grams of the white part of scallion 15g;
3. 3 grams of Coriander
Add 1 liter (just over 4 cups) of water and bring to a boil. Wait until it has cooled to drink.

II. Combine the following:
1. 3 grams shredded Ginger
2. 3 grams Mint
3. 3 grams red date (without the seed)
Add 200-300ml boiling water, cover and let steep about 5-10 minutes, then drink.

These two preparations can help prevent flu and can also be used to help cure the flu. They can be drunk daily or every other day as a preventative during flu season or more frequently if you have the flu already.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Few gems from Taoism...

Expressions of Taoism were ever fascinating and has had a profound impact on me. The following piece is from Yang Hsiung (53 B.C. to 18 A.D.) talking about Tai Hsuan (Great Mystery). Reading this piece from China along with the Sufi stories from Middle east & Siddhar poems from India in Tamil gives a feeling that the tribes shared a common root but has adapted the same concept according to their region, language and culture. I enjoyed the following which explains what the business of life is, then , links this to the profound principle / primordial truth and then gives the framework / outline for the profound principle. Hope you too would enjoy this...

  • To see and understand is wisdom.
  • To look and love is humanity.
  • To determine and decide is courage.
  • To control things universally and to use them for all is impartiality.
  • To be able to match all things is penetration.
  • To have or not to have the proper circumstance is destiny.
  • The way by which all things emerge from vacuity is the Way.
  • To follow the principles of the world without altering them and to attain one's end is virtue.
  • To attend to life, to be in society, and to love universally is humanity.
  • To follow order and to evaluate what is proper is righteousness.
  • To get hold of the Way, virtue, humanity, and righteousness and put them into application is called the business of life.
  • To make clear the achievement of nature and throw light on all things is called yang.
  • To be hidden, without form, deep and unfathomable, is called yin.
  • Yang knows yang but does not know yin. Yin knows yin but does not know yang.
  • The Profound Principle alone knows both yin and yang, both going and stopping, and both darkness and light.

  • The Supremely Profound Principal deeply permeates all species of things but its physical form cannot be seen.
  • It takes nourishment from emptiness and nothingness and derives its life from Nature. It penetrates the past and present and originates the various species.
  • It operates yin and yang and starts the material force in motion. As yin and yang unite, all things are complete on Heaven and on Earth.
  • The sky and sun rotate and the weak and strong interact. They return to their original position and thus the beginning and end are determined.
  • Life and death succeed each other and thus the nature and the destiny are made clear.
  • Looking up, we see the form of the heavens. Looking down, we see the condition of the earth.
  • We examine our nature and understand our destiny.
  • We trace our beginning and see our end. ... Therefore the Profound Principle is the perfection of utility.

Happy Reading!

Monday, September 28, 2009

எல்லாம் நீ... (Part 2/2)

This is part 2/2. If you have not read Part 1, please visit


இயந்தரமான இவ்வுலகில் இயக்கமாக இருப்பவன் நீ
கண்கள் இல்லா அரசனும், கருத்து இல்லா அமைச்சனும்
கலியில் இருந்து ஆளவே, மக்கள், மீளா துன்பம் கொள்ளவே!
வேத கோஷம் மங்கவும், கற்பு நெறி குறையவும்!
அறுதொழிலோன் சிறுக்கவும், அற நெறிகள் மறையவும்!
கலியில் வந்து ஆடிடும் கர்ம பந்தம் நீயடா!

சோம்பி திரிந்து நான் வாழ உதவி செய்யும் ஊர்தி நீ
ஊர்ததியின் துர் மூச்சாம் மாசுக் காற்றை அளிப்பவன் நீ
முதுகு தண்டு வளைந்திருக்க பீந் பாக் (bean bag) ஆக இருப்பவன் நீ
எந்தன் எண்ணம், வைகரியை தொலைவில் சேர்க்கும் செல் போன் நீ
எந்தன் மடியில் நிரந்தரமாய் இயங்கி கிடக்கும் கணினி நீ
உருவம் இல்லா இணைய தளம் உன் வடிவம் விளக்க தந்தாய் நீ
எந்தன் எண்ண வ்ருதிகளை காற்றில் சேர்க்கும் மின் அலை நீ
எங்கோ இருக்கும் செய்திகளை எண்ணிடம் சேர்க்கும் கூகல் (google) நீ
என்னுள் ஒளிரும் பெருஞ் சுடரை மறைத்து வைத்த மாயை நீ!

(Vaikari in line 4 is as in Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama and Vaikari - 4 states of sound, Para is at the source, Pashyanti is at the navel level, Madhyama is in Heart and when it comes as sound from our vocal cord its called as Vaikari)

நாதத்தின் நாதன் உன்னை நாயேன் நாடினேனே!
வாதத்தின் வன்மையால் வழி மாறி வாடினேனே!
வாய் திறந்து புலம்புகின்றேன் வாசியோகம் யான் அறியேன்!
வந்த வழி நான் மறந்தேன், வீடு தேடி அலைகின்றேன்!

Sidhas call their Yoga as Vasi Yogam...

கண்டம் கட்டி அண்டம் காத்த நீல மங்கை வலத்திலே
ஆலம் உண்ட கால கண்டன் நீயும் என்னை அணைத்திலாய்!
செல்வம் தந்து செருக்கு ஏற்றும் ஸ்ரீயை மார்பில் கொண்டுள
வெண்ணை திருடி உண்ட பாலன் நீயும் என்னை அணைத்திலாய்!

நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் நமனை வெல்லும் என்பரே!
நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் இந்நாய்க்கு மிக உகந்ததே!
நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் நாயேன்யான் விட்டிலேன்!
நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் இந் நாயை வீடு சேர்க்குமே!

First line above is borrowed from Thirumandiram, Nayottu mandiram is "Chi" (thats how you drive a dog away and this is Maha Karana Panchaksharam)

வானரம் போல் நான் இருக்க வான் அறம் போல் நீ இரு!

குட்டி தன்னை கவ்விச் செல்லும் தாய் பூனை போல நீ இரு!

நினைவாலே முட்டைகளை அடை காக்கும் தாயாமை போல நீ இரு!

என் வினையும் என் வினையோ? வினை பயனும் ஓர் பயனோ!

எவ்வினாக்கும் ஓர் விடை தான்! உன் வினை தான்! அதன் பயன் தான்!

என் உள்ளே ஒளிந்திட்டு எல்லாமும் செய்வித்தாய்! இதையும் நீ சொல்வித்தாய்!

அம்பலத்தில் ஆடுவோனும், அரங்கத்தில் துயிலுவோனும் ஓர் வித்தின் இரு வடிவே உணராது வாழ்ந்தேன் நான்!

ஆடி அடங்கும் வாழ்க்கையில் நாடி ஓடி தேடினேன் ! தேடி தேடி வாடினேன்!

வினை இல்லா வித்தே நீ! வாடும் என்னை நாடிடு ! தேடும் என்னில் சேர்ந்திடு!

"நான்" இல்லா நானும் நீ, ஆதியந்தமாயிருக்கும் எல்லாமும் நீயே!

There are 2 Nyayas discussed in our Indian philosophy which explains the way to approach god. One is the monkey's way - If you have seen the baby monkey it holds on to its mother tightly and mother shall jump from tree to tree and it shall not hold its baby. We can get attached to god that way and not leave god under any circumstances. The other way is the Cat's way (Marakara Nyaya) - the mother cat carries its kitten with its mouth holding its neck and takes it to safety. Here the kitten does not do anything. So the above phrase says that i shall be like monkey holding on to you but you (God) be like a cat and treat me like a kitten.

Also there are 3 interesting types of birth discussed in most of the literatures:

1. Tortoise - It lays eggs in the shore, buries it, goes to the sea and swims. But the mother tortoise always thinks about the eggs and incubates the eggs with its thoughts. Just thoughts!, thats how the eggs are hatched. Think and deliver! Amazing isnt?

2. Fish - It lays eggs and just keeps on watching the eggs and incubates them with their eyes!... See and Deliver! Can you correlate why goddess Meenakshi is named so?

3. The metamorphosis of larva to a fly. Here the mother fly keeps banging its face against the larva and converts them from larva to fly. Again think, act and deliver!.

I have used just the 1st aspect in the para above.

Happy reading!

I should thank my friend Ganesh Babu for rubbing on the right side with his 4 line poetry which i recognize has propelled me to do this piece! Thanks Ganesh..

PS; the pain in typing in tamil continues. I am unable to change many words as i like or as it should be. Eg. At places, am unable to get type the second "Na" at all.

I also have to confess that in few places i genuinely did not know which letter to put (first letter or second). Then i realized that there is nothing surprising here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

எல்லாம் நீ... (Part 1/2)


1. This blog is not for you if you cant read tamil / not interested in "siddhar padalgal" / Saiva siddhantam. If you fall under this category i am assuming this is where you stop :).
2. Inspired by the few Siddhar related books which i have been reading, i just scribbled this and uploaded here.
3. I am not going to a write about sidhars or their philosophy and just going to say that they are the "realized souls", they despise idol worship, but believe in God / Godliness within us. Most of their works are cryptic and they dont disclose the primordial secrets to everyone.
4. There is nothing cryptic in the following work and if you find anything difficult understand this is purely due to my weakness in this language. (Remember Tamil is my weakest subject.)
5. This blog talks about the "96 tattvas" which is world is made up of which is attributed to God. (எல்லாம் நீ) . You can see and read many works in the same lines.
6. In part 2 I am taking about our current state of affairs and attributing it to god. I have not read this aspect so far and hence i found this line of thinking interesting... You would find that here iam attributing our modern life style like laptop, internet, cell phones and google as god! :)


அந்தம் நீ, ஆதி நீ, சலனம் நீ, மனனம் நீ
ஆதி செய்த அந்தமும், அந்தம் செய்த ஆதி நீ
ஆதி செய்த சலனம் நீ,
சலனம் செய்த சித்தம் நீ
சித்தம் செய்த மனனம் நீ,மனனம் செய்த புத்தி நீ,

மனனம் செய்த வித்து நீ, வித்து செய்த விசும்பு நீ
விசும்பு செய்த வளியும் நீ, வாயு என்ற கனலும் நீ
கனல் செய்த அனலும் நீ, ஆனல் செய்த புனலும் நீ,
புனல் செய்த நிலமும் நீ, நிலம் சேர்க்கும் வளமும் நீ

சலனம் செய்த அண்டம் நீ, மனனம் செய்த பிண்டம் நீ
விந்து என்ற வித்து நீ, வித்து வளர்த்த கலையும் நீ
வித்து இல்லா வித்தும் நீ, அகங்காரகத்தின் வித்தும் நீ
பிந்து என்ற வடிவம் நீ, பிந்து இல்லா நிலையும் நீ

Per Indian belief, god did not create the world in 6 days, but from the source, there was vibration (Chalanam) and then that vibration gave birth to Chittam, Manas, Buddhi and Ahamkara. Then Space (Visumbhu) was created, from space, air (Vali, Vayu, Kanal) was created, from air, fire (Anal - Read in tamil and not in English :) ) was created, Water (Punal) from fire and Nilam from Punal.

ஞான கர்ம கோச, தன் மாத்திர இரு பத்து விருத்தி நீ
வேதம் ஓதும் வாயும் நீ, வேண்டா தொதுக்குமல வாயும் நீ
பாணி நீ, பாதம் நீ, கள்ளம் காட்டும் கண்ணும் நீ
ரூப ஸ்பரிச ரசமும் நீ, கந்த நாற்ற சப்தம் நீ

(5 Gnanendriyas, 5 Karmendriyas, 5 kosas, 5 tanmatras - total 20)

சிகுவைய் புருடன் காந்தாரி அத்தியும் அலம்புடை நீ
காம க்ரோத மோகம் நீ, மதமும் நீ, லோபம் நீ
மூல சுவாத மணியும் நீ,
அனாகத விஸுத்தி நீ
புருவ மத்தி பொட்டும் நீ. விழித்த ஸ்வப்ந சுழுத்தி நீ

There are 10 nadis in the body (Siguvai - Nadi in inner tongue, Purudan - in Right eye, Gandhari - left eye, Athi - Right ear, Alampudai - left ear), 6 Chakras, 8 Ragams - hv not listed madham, mathsaryam, idambam and ahamkara, 5 states of existence - hv not listed Thuriyam and Thuriyadeedham).

முக்குணமும் ஆனாய் நீ, மும்மலங்கள் ஆனாய் நீ
மூப்பிணிகள் ஆனாய் நீ, மும்மண்டலம் ஆனாய் நீ
ஐந்தி ரண்டு வளியும் நீ, ஐந்நிலையும், தாதேழும் ஆனாய் நீ,
வீடு சேர வழி யறிந்த எல்லாம் வல்ல தனஞ்சயன் நீ
மூவிரெ ண்டாய் ஏட்டிரண்டாய் (6x16) மொத்தமுமாய் நின்றாய் நீ

3 gunas (Sattvik, Rajasa, Tamasic), 3 Malas (Anava, Kanma, Maya), 3 diseases (Vada, Pitta, Kapha), 3 Mandala (Agni, Surya, Chandra), 10 Vayus, 5 states, 7 Dhatus (Rasa, Blood, bone, marrow, flesh, fat and semen). Dhananjayan has special mention as this takes the kundalini from mooladhara to sahasrara.

உணவு நீ, உணர்வு நீ, உறக்கம் செய்த கனவும் நீ
ஓதும் நான்கு வேதம் நீ, ஓதா மூவெட்டும் நீ
எட்டி ரண்டின் கருவும் நீ, ஐந் தெழுத்தின் மூலம் நீ
ஓரெழுத்தின் ஒலியும் நீ, ஊமை எழுத்தின் உண்மை நீ

Moovettu is 24, there are 24 syllables in Gayatri. Per belief you should not recite Gayatri loudly ever, if done the potency is lost. Odha Moovettu is made to underline silent recital of Gayatri mantra. அ is 8 and உ is 2 this is called ettu irandu, Iynthezhuthu is Na-MA-Si-va-ya, Oru ezhuthu is "Si" which is the Maha karana panshaksharam. This is also the oomai ezhuthu, the silent word.

எண்சாண் பனை மரத்தின் எட்டா திருக்கும் இளநீர் நீ
அறிவை அறிந்த அறிவு நீ, உண்மை உணர்ந்த உணர்வு நீ
மந்திரங்கள் ஆனாய் நீ, தந்திரங்கள் ஆனாய் நீ
இந்திரங்கள் ஆனாய் நீ, யந்திரங்கள் ஆனாய் நீ

(Ettu Chan is our body)

End of part 1. Considering the attention span part 2 is published on a separate blog.

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Part 2 is here....

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பழ மொழி - (Old Saying) - முதுமொழிக் காஞ்சி - 10

10. தண்டாப் பத்து

 (Do 10 – This is the final set of 10 poems of the 100. The emphasis is on “If you need this, you need to DO that”)
ஆர்கலி உலகத்து மக்கட்கு எல்லாம் -
This is the starting line for each stanza that means "For all the people who are living in this world surrounded by seas"
1. ஓங்கல் வேண்டுவோன் உயர் மொழி தண்டான்.
If you want to come up in life DO appreciate others.
2. வீங்கல் வேண்டுவோன் பல புகழ் தண்டான்.
If you want wealth in life DO always respected deeds.
3. கற்றல் வேண்டுவோன் வழிபாடு தண்டான்.
If you want education in life DO respect (pray) the teacher. (Emphasis is on humility – Vinaya)
4. நிற்றல் வேண்டுவோன் தவம் செயல் தண்டான்.
If you want Moksha (nirvana) DO penance (Meditation).
5. வாழ்க்கை வேண்டுவோன் சூழ்ச்சி தண்டான்.
If you want a respected life then DO introspect (retrospect / analyze) your deeds.
6. மிகுதி வேண்டுவோன் தகுதி தண்டான்.
If you want wealth in life DO always hard work (put in tireless efforts).
7. இன்பம் வேண்டுவோன் துன்பம் தண்டான்.
If you want happiness in life DO ignore (bear) the pain associated with it.
8. துன்பம் வேண்டுவோன் இன்பம் தண்டான்.
If you want pain later DO indulge in (short term) pleasures.
9. ஏமம் வேண்டுவோன் முறை செயல் தண்டான்.
If you want prosperity of your people (as a king) DO follow justice (be just.)
10. காமம் வேண்டுவோன் குறிப்புச் செயல் தண்டான்.
If you want good sexual pleasure DO understand how to read the hints (signals). 

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பழ மொழி - (Old Saying) - முதுமொழிக் காஞ்சி - 9

9. நல்கூர்ந்த பத்து
 (Good 10 – This is the ninth set of 10 poems of the 100. You may notice to note that this all about “NOT GOOD” than “Good”)
ஆர்கலி உலகத்து மக்கட்கு எல்லாம் -
This is the starting line for each stanza that means "For all the people who are living in this world surrounded by seas"
1. முறை இல் அரசன் நாடு நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
(To live) In a country of an unjust king is NOT GOOD.
2. மிக மூத்தோன் காமம் நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Excessive desire (Can also be interpreted as sex) is NOT GOOD for who is old. (After crossing  the youth stage)
3. செற்று உடன் உறைவோனைச் சேர்தல் நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Friendship with (a person with) deep hatred (enmity) in the heart is NOT GOOD.
4. பிணி கிடந்தோன் பெற்ற இன்பம் நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Pleasures enjoyed by a diseased person are NOT GOOD. (I guess it’s the pleasures that lead you to diseases).
5. தற் போற்றாவழிப் புலவி நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Association with the unkind is NEVER GOOD.
6. முதிர்வு உடையோன் மேனி அணி நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Jewellery worn by a very old person is NOT GOOD for him. (The ornaments would bring him bad things.)
7. சொல் செல்லாவழிச் சொலவு நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Giving advice to people who don’t heed it (need it) is NOT GOOD.
8. அகம் வறியோன் நண்ணல் நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Friendship with (people) who don’t have good thoughts (Values) is NOT GOOD.
9. உட்கு இல்வழிச் சினம் நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Angry disposition to people who don’t respect you is NOT GOOD. (Meaning the anger would not lead to any change in them.)
10. நட்பு இல்வழிச் சேறல் நல்கூர்ந்தன்று.
Helping a person who cannot understand friendship is NOT GOOD.

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பழ மொழி - (Old Saying) - முதுமொழிக் காஞ்சி - 8

8. எளிய பத்து
 (Easy 10 – This is the Eigth set of 10 poems of the 100.)
ஆர்கலி உலகத்து மக்கட்கு எல்லாம் -
This is the starting line for each stanza that means "For all the people who are living in this world surrounded by seas"
1. புகழ் வெய்யோர்க்குப் புத்தேள் நாடு எளிது.
Getting to heaven is EASY for the righteous people.
2. உறழ் வெய்யோர்க்கு உறு செரு எளிது.
Starting a fight is EASY for the rumor mongers. (How true!)
3. ஈரம் வெய்யோர்க்கு நசை கொடை எளிது.
Charity is EASY for the kind hearted.
4. குறளை வெய்யோர்க்கு மறை விரி எளிது.
It’s EASY for the rumor mongers to be unjust. (Let me know if there can be a better meaning).
5. துன்பம் வெய்யோர்க்கு இன்பம் எளிது.
Happiness is EASY for who can bear pain.
6. இன்பம் வெய்யோர்க்குத் துன்பம் எளிது.
Pain is EASILY got who is chasing after happiness.
7. உண்டி வெய்யோர்க்கு உறு பிணி எளிது.
It’s EASY to get diseases if you over eat. (Glutton)
8. பெண்டிர் வெய்யோர்க்குப் படு பழி எளிது.
It’s EASY to get bad name if you run after women. (Guess the reference is to the womanizers).
9. பாரம் வெய்யோர்க்குப் பாத்தூண் எளிது.
It’s EASY for the kind hearted to share the miseries (sorrows) of others.
10. சார்பு இலோர்க்கு உறு கொலை எளிது.
Killing people is EASY for those who have wrong friends.

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பழ மொழி - (Old Saying) - முதுமொழிக் காஞ்சி - 7

7. பொய்ப் பத்து
 (Lies 10 – This is the seventh set of 10 poems of the 100.)
ஆர்கலி உலகத்து மக்கட்கு எல்லாம் -
This is the starting line for each stanza that means "For all the people who are living in this world surrounded by seas"
1. பேர் அறிவினோன் இனிது வாழாமை பொய்.
It’s a lie that a wise is not leading a happy life.
2. பெருஞ் சீரோன்தன் வெகுளி இன்மை பொய்.
It’s a lie that the wealthy is devoid of anger.
3. கள் உண்போன் சோர்வு இன்மை பொய்.
It’s a lie that the drunkard is disciplined in life.
4. காலம் அறியாதோன் கையுறல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that the actions done at wrong timings would succeed. (Timing is very important and one who acts according to suitable time shall succeed).
5. மேல் வரவு அறியாதோன் தற் காத்தல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that a person who cannot anticipate (forecast dangers) can lead a safe life.
6. உறு வினை காய்வோன் உயர்வு வேண்டல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that a lazy (dullard) has succeeded in life.
7. சிறுமை நோனாதோன் பெருமை வேண்டல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that humility less person is living with real respect (honor).
8. பெருமை நோனாதோன் சிறுமை வேண்டல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that a humble person has belittled himself (or leading a menial life).
9. பொருள் நசை வேட்கையோன் முறை செயல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that the greedy can live a balanced life.
10. வாலியன் அல்லாதோன் தவம் செய்தல் பொய்.
It’s a lie that a person without clear consciousness (mind) can do deep penance.

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பழ மொழி - (Old Saying) - முதுமொழிக் காஞ்சி - 6

6. இல்லைப் பத்து
 (“No” (Nothing) 10 – This is the sixth set of 10 poems of the 100.)
ஆர்கலி உலகத்து மக்கட்கு எல்லாம் -
This is the starting line for each stanza that means "For all the people who are living in this world surrounded by seas"
1. மக்கட் பேற்றின் பெறும் பேறு இல்லை.
NOTHING is better than begetting children. (in the context of begetting wealth). [Guys – read my blog few month back and notice the lines “In a life that’s so mundane, Begetting children are the only acts of sane”].
2. ஒப்புரவு அறிதலின் தகு வரவு இல்லை.
NOTHING is better than doing our duty.
3. வாய்ப்புடை விழைச்சின் நல்விழைச்சு இல்லை.
I am not sure about this translation. The nearest I can do is “NOTHING” is better than educated children”.
4. வாயா விழைச்சின் தீ விழைச்சு இல்லை.
I am not sure about this translation too. The nearest I can do is “NOTHING” is worse than uneducated children”. I need to validate 3 & 4.
5. இயைவது கரத்தலின் கொடுமை இல்லை.
Nothing is criminal than hiding what is meant for charity.
6. உரை இலன் ஆதலின் சாக்காடு இல்லை.
A consciousness less person is equivalent to corpse.
7. நசையின் பெரியது ஓர் நல்குரவு இல்லை.
Nothing adds to poverty than ones desires.
8. இசையின் பெரியது ஓர் எச்சம் இல்லை.
Nothing is better than accumulating respect and honor.
9. இரத்தலினூஉங்கு இளிவரவு இல்லை.
Nothing is worse than begging alms.
10. இரப்போர்க்கு ஈதலின் எய்தும் சிறப்பு இல்லை.
Nothing adds more goodness than giving alms.

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