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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A gay is a gay is a gay!

Major sections of Indian media, most of the rational forward thinking minds and an unknown number of actuals “victims” are all going gay gay!... oops sorry ga ga!... over the repealing of Section 377 of Indian penal code for “decriminalizing” same sexual orientation. My thoughts are as follows:

  1. The term “Homo Sapiens” referring to human race, (phonetically speaking) seems to atlast found legal basis in India. :)
  2. The most interesting law of electro magnetic ….”Like poles repel each other” seems to have failed in this generation. That’s more work for the researchers to understand the gap.
  3. How a consenting adult in this country can be called a criminal for having a sexual orientation that’s deviating from the normal? This decriminalization should have been done when we as a country came into existence. I think the necessity, political will and the social acceptance has probably taken 60+ years to arrive. Good that it has arrived now!
  4. The judicial system needs to be complimented for establishing / bringing out a convergence in views among various religious leaders, be it Hindu, Christianity, Islam or Sikhs. Many of us did not think that we can see some convergence from all of them in one voice, does not matter that they are opposing something together.
  5. I don’t understand people who oppose this on spiritual grounds. Spirituality is always between me & god or between an individual and himself (aka god). Neither law nor religion nor society nor relationships can put its foot between an individual and his spiritual belief. There is no vacancy here for a third party to come in. Many tend to confuse this with being religious which I will address below.
  6. I don’t understand people who oppose this on moral grounds. Morality is an extension of the society and has a significant time and place value or should I say “Spacio-temporal” value attached to it.
  7. How can any hindu religious leader explain the vast differences in moral standards and values Rama and Krishna stood for? Both were supposed to be an avatars of Vishnu. Both were Kshatriyas. They lived in different times (Tretha Yuga & Dwapara Yuga). While Rama stood for "means" and "ends". Krishna largely ignored the "means" and looked at the "ends" only in the way he fought the Mahabharat war. But if morality can vary so much between 2 yugas then kali yuga which is by design supposed to have moral degradation, and how can it be otherwise?

If god wanted Kali yug to be like this, how can we undo his design? He has to own up this…. Per my own words in one of the blogs earlier… (

“If I am a producer, If I am a creator…
I own up my product, I warrant the performance…

If product malfunctions, If product misbehaves….
The product does not own up, But the producer has to own up…

If God is the creator, If God is the destroyer…
If God is the producer, If God is the user….
I am his product, You are his product….
God has to own up, Good and Evil
God has to own up, Performance & malfunctions
God has to own up, Fear of non-performance
God has to own up, Fear of malfunction…

For there is no god, when there is no fear
For god is there as god, as a byproduct of our fear"

As a country we need to know how to respect individual freedom. Our legal system is just a framework and this cannot impinge on the basic provisions of the constitution or on individual’s right. I some times get a feeling that adults in this country are getting a raw deal are repressed and are being treated like a alien to this country.

I do understand as to why religious leaders oppose it. I believe religion is all about one of the tested and prescribed ways of realizing god. Every religion prescribes a path of love, learning, discipline, moral values and increasing austerity. It also largely keeps the society and its structure intact; we don’t have to argue if it is good or bad. It is perfectly understandable that the equity of the religious leaders and the religion itself will get diluted with this thaw on the legality of this act.

Then what is "homosexuality" all about?

I believe that this is a state of mind and can very comfortably say that it’s a "Psycho-somatic" disorder. This is not a disease as there is huge difference between disease and disorder. It is essentially cultivated in a life style that is tamasic and in a debilitating environment and nurtured in a mind & body that is completely out of harmony with nature and probably thrives in an environment of emotional suppression, hormonally abnormal or with physical depravation of any sorts.

Any one can argue that this is not the case and its perfectly natural to be a homosexual. I beg to disagree.

This condition is curable. If you interpret these individuals in this light then you would understand that it does not make sense to label them a “Criminal” for being harmless and yet with a disorder. Diabetes is a disorder. How about labeling all the diabetics as criminal in India? This may sound stupid. Labeling "homosexuals" criminal is as stupid as that.

Having practiced yoga for few years and been under some good gurus I can very easily tell you that Yoga can cure this condition. One of my yoga guru explains us how to cure “adamant and stubborn’ characters. For example, back bending exercises largely cure you if you are adamant and intemperate. Same way if the irritation in the body or in mind is removed then this disorder is curable.

I request that lets be considerate to our fellow citizens, don’t hate them, don’t celebrate them, but just be as considerate as you would be with some one who is affected with a mental disorder.

Opposing them morally, spiritually, religiously or legally does not help us or them in any way!
Helping them out isn't our duty but its possible (non- allopathically) medically!

Till then we all need to realize that “A gay is a gay is a gay!”

Yours straightly! :)

Happy reading!


Q: Isn't evident with references to just gays and homosexuals and no reference to lesbians, that the author is close to being labelled as a MCP? Or is it that the author has some other unexpressed opinion on lesbians?

A: I believe that some things are best left to an individual's imagination!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When "Veil" & "Untouchability" is our birth right......

A very curiously anxious look crept into some of my fellow passengers at the Dubai Airport terminal when we were waiting to board the flight for Delhi today (Jul 1, 2009) morning. The reason behind that was a teenage girl coughing vigorously. At any other time it could be ignored to be a common cold / flu which is congenital (Dont you think that Flu should be legally given sibling status, 'coz we are born with this?) in our country but not today. Quietly people moved little away as the girl reached for her hanky and closed her mouth.

It just dawned on me then that it’s just not only that the economy is globalized but our whole life, health and wealth are. In my opinion the fear of contagious disease is worse than the disease itself. Contrary to popular belief, swine flu does not spread by eating pork and Middle East countries are not insulated from it, esp. considering a large influx of European travelers.

The silver lining is actually the scorching heat which “pleasantly” ranges between 48 degrees C to 52 C, which prevents the virus from spreading. I am not sure why the airlines or the respective governments are not making it mandatory for passengers to wear masks. As a global strategy i suggest we can move all the H1N1 affected individuals to countries / places with hotter climates like this and avoid infection. I know that this is not the brightest of the ideas but yet its an idea on the table.

Talking about the masks and veils, I was astonished with the recent comments from Sarkozy on muslim women wearing burkhas and saying that this is not accepted in France. This came as a shocker to my much held firm belief that Dubya Bush Jr. was the dumbest leader of our generation and made me realize that there is severe competition at every level.

Though the veil / burkha / purdah signifies suppression and oppression of muslim women to many “forward” thinking liberal minds I still believe that sarkozy’s comments highlights his height of cultural insensitivity and demands an crash course lesson in objectivity.

· Let’s understand that Sarkozy and his country leads the world into a belief that fashion and vogue is in nudity. While we all agree that “sex sells” but I don’t frankly see any fashion in bare skin. Not to discount that I do enjoy every show as an healthy adult but neither do I believe in the culture of nudity in the cover of fashion nor can accept anything closer to it in my value system. Many of us can't.

· From a culture of dressing to cover our body we are ghastly moving to a culture which is “dressing to reveal”. I don’t see any mistake in this but thinking that this is superior to covering it all is where the problem lies.

· I was window shopping at the airport lounge where some watches were displayed. A sudden thought stuck me that I have completely ostracized myself from the world of watches as I stopped wearing them few years back. I have one watch which was gifted by my friends and when I ever use it, I have a problem. When i start thinking, I remove my watch from my hand to think clearly. Gosh! I realize that I can’t think wearing my watches. It’s a peculiar problem and I am planning to raise funds for a research program to unravel this link.

Looking at the collections, I also realized today watches tell more about our personality to the world than time to us. I am still dumb stuck at the thought that we need a piece of electronic to reveal who we are to the world.

· This passage is from a book called “Prevent & Control Infection”….. In reality human hair is a continuation of dry layer of epidermis. The same micro organisms that are present in the skin are available in the hair but in multiple numbers. While we wash our skin / hands multiple times, we don’t wash our hair so many times. Hence micro organisms multiply and thrive in human hair, mustache and beards. When a man scratches his head, sneezes or coughs these micro organisms are splashed across spreading infection. (more here )

· What I see is purdah or burqa is a very efficient way of concealing your hair and face and very hygienic from a individual & society perspective. I can see many scooter driving ladies dressed worse than burqa to avoid pollution.

· Consider these statistics:

1. 10% of our dirt in our house is formed by human hair or dry scalp material. Can you believe this?
2. One of the main reasons for facial paralysis is the exposure of our ears to cold air. This could be even fan in the night which blows cold air into our ears.

So if we think rationally (which i bet is so unnatural for many of us) this purdah system is extremely hygienic for an individual and for the society. I don’t see anything morally wrong and there could be some symbolism of repression which could be a –ve, but in my opinion the +ves far outweigh the negative. From the perspective of an adult it also leaves a lot for the imagination than the skimpily dressed urban girls, where nothing much is left to the imagination. :)

Above all for me, it is an individual’s right. No one can say how they want others to dress. If muslim women want to wear a veil, let us let leave them with their choice.

Our Indian way of wishing is a “Namaste” which does not involve touching / shake hands or palms. We need to understand that palms, soles of the feet and eyes are very effective transmitting points and this transmits and receives electromagnetic energy. Hence as per our belief shaking hands is unhygienic.

As per hindu scriptures during the “Kali Yuga” which has started 5000 years ago and which would last 432000 years totally, dharma shall decrease and diseases shall increase. Many of the diseases can be expected to be contagious diseases given our firm belief in “unhealthy” and “unhygienic” life style and finding “vogue” in the same.

Its just 1% of the Kali Yuga that is over now and we can expect diseases that are more prevalent and more contagious and more deadly than the ones that are prevailing now. A time may come that an individual wearing a veil may become a law to protect the society. A time may come when “Untouchability” shall be an individual’s birth right and people touching each other can be considered socially dangerous and a criminal…

A time may come when "Veil and untouchability are our birth rights"...... and enshrined in our constitution and criminal laws.

I just wish that we don’t live to see those times!...

PS: It finally took a bottle of "Glen-Fiddich" and a visit to Rockman's Beer Island, Gurgaon with friends to sanitize my body and mind of any infection, yet still cannot accept Mr. Sarkozy as a leader of our generation :)

Yours hygienically,

Happy reading!