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Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Civility is in "Indifference"

Yes, its been some time since i blogged. I should thank a host of news reports over the last few days both "light" and "heavy" which prompted me to come back.

1. Fatal bum lift: A 38-year-old former Miss Argentina has died from complications after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her buttocks. Solange Magnano, a mother of twins who won the crown in 1994, died of a pulmonary embolism Sunday after three days in critical condition following a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires.

When i read this i did not know whether to cry to laugh. She just managed to lose her life just for a "firmer back". With all due respects to the departed soul, lets pray that god would implant brain at the right place in her next life.

2. Toilet paper shortage in house of commons: "KGB" led disaster in the house of commons left the Lords of the Westminster red faced & (dry a***ed), raiding ladies toilet too in search of toilet papers. Kevan, Gena and Brown (KGB) the company managing supplies of toilet papers has accepted the shortage and agreed to "look into the issue".

I was rolling in splits thinking about the "lords" running around the house of commons after the "act". Can it get any funnier? I fear the commission of inquiry and its transcripts from victims shall be the "most stinking" report ever produced in the history of human race.

3. Tiger population in US is set to increase overtaking India's: Now you would be surprised at this news story from the "The news that wasn't". The super fine golf champ had agreed that he "Tee"-d off outside his marriage and stuck to the "holing the ball" game on and off his course. While the entire story is still unfolding about the crashed car rear windows, a sullied and angry spouse blah blah... i think knowing the champ's mastery in the 18 hole games, this "secret" fling against agreed social norms if its productive then certainly promises to increase the "Tiger" population in US. :).

4. Men on the brink of extinction: We all know that a male is a male because of the "Y chromosome". Per prof. Jennifer Gravis, this "Y" chromosome is dying and "men" shall be wiped out of the earth in the next 5 million years. It is estimated that the "Y chromosome" had 1400 genes on it 300 millions years ago and now it has reduced to a mere 42. Over this period of time there is a consistent deterioration.

But, but, before some of my esteemed "fem lib" readers give a huge sigh of relief, let me break the bad news for them. There are few species in the rodent and fauna family which had lost this "Y chromosome" yet their male species managed to thrive without them. Reason: Some other gene has adapted to the function. :))

Coming to more serious issues within our great country, one of the topics which was occupying quite an amount of prime time is Liberhan report over the demolition. I was surprised at the following:

1. The whole country and almost all of the media houses were aware of the report but not the parliament. The report looks like a closely kept secret just for our MPs.

2. I don't understand the cries that this leak lowered the dignity of the house. "In the 15th Lok Sabha there are 150 newly elected MPs who have criminal cases pending against them as compared to 128 MPs in 2004,". If close to 1/3rd of the members have serious criminals records, with the highest from BJP with 42 and then from congress with 41, i am not sure what dignity the house holds. Remember they have charges and not proved yet they found it fine to represent us.

But the last news item which had prompted me get back to blogging is the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal tragedy and the state of affairs as of now.

  • Methyl Isocyanate leak led to 25000 deaths (3500 as claimed by Govt) and millions affected by it.
  • Complaints of the $470m compensation paid by DOW chemicals, not reaching the right pockets. This is no news in India.
  • There is not even one soul who is brought to justice for this criminal act and successive Indian governments have clearly ignored the issues.

The reasons as i can think of ignoring such a huge crime are:

  1. No one can play politics out of this tragedy. Had any of the political parties had been behind this disaster we could see our leaders vying for attention atleast for the sake of browny points.
  2. The affected people are the poorest of the poor you can find on this country and hence no powerful organizations or leaders want to associate with them for justice delivery.
  3. The affected people have not resorted to violence or taken up arms just like the Maoists or naxals have resorted to. I think in a country where the criminal justice system is paralyzed and defunct it takes money or power or force to make people deliver justice.
  4. Finally the most important issue as i see is the "Indifference in our attitude to the social issues that does not affect us". I think as a society we have become very indifferent and symbolic in our responses. Light a candle, switch off the lights for one hour in a year, form human chain... i don't understand why we want to waste our time in all such stupid symbolic responses.

While i don't have any better ideas than being angry at the helpless situation we are in, i am certainly ashamed to be part of a society where "Victims are begging for justice even after 25 years".

Without any effort on research, I think i can add more to Prof. Jennifer Gravis findings that both men and women in this society have lost all the important genes and the ones which we are left with are all about being Lazy, selfish, fearful, symbolic and indifferent".

Alas!!! The Indus valley civilization is today reduced to an "Indifferent Civilization" !!.

I wish i am born again after 5 million years to understand the quality of men in this society without the "Y chromosomes" to see if that would be any better. Till then,

Yours Indifferently!

Happy reading!