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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Few gems which i picked up in the last few days...

Disclaimer: Its absolutely unadultered with my thoughts. I picked up these gems in the last few days and wanted to share them...From Kahlil Gibran's "Sand and Foam".

Only once have I been made mute.
It was when a man asked me, “Who are you”?
Remembrance is a form of meeting
Forgetfulness is a form of freedom
Strange, the desire for certain pleasures is a part of my pain.
There is a space between man’s imagination and attainment that only be traversed by longing.
Our mind is a sponge and out heart is a stream
Is it not strange that most of us choose sucking rather than running?
Every seed is a longing
Now lets play hide and seek
Should you hide in my heart
It would not be difficult to find you
But should you hide behind your shell
Then it would be useless for any one to seek you.
Trees are the poems that earth writes upon the sky
We fell them down and turn them into paper
That we may record our emptiness
Lovers embrace that which is between them than each other.
Generosity is not in giving me that
Which I need more than you do,
But in giving me that
Which you need more than I do.
You often borrow from tomorrow to pay our debts of yesterdays.
Should we confess our sins to one another
We would all laugh at one another
For lack of originality
Should we all reveal our virtues
We would also laugh for the same cause
If the other person laughs at you, you can pity him
But if you laugh at him you may never forgive yourself
If the other person injures you, you may forget his injury
But if you injure him you will always remember
In truth the other person is your most sensitive self
Given another body
The silence of the envious is too noisy.
When you reach the end of what you should know
You will be at the beginning of what you should sense…
Shall add more...
Happy reading!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My first time...

Disclaimer: You would have read something similar in the email, some time back. So with a thanks to the original writer who gave us ver1.0, consider this as ver 2.0. I can't tell you what its about, but never jump to conclusions till you read it fully. If you are born and brought up in urban centers, then you are still waiting for your first time.

Beware, many times such "items" act as mirrors to our own thinking process ;). What i can bet is that you just can't read this just once!

Enjoy this and have a great weekend...

It was a hard day’s work
Didn’t realize it is so dark
A beast that she is,
At a flash of her thought
And a thought of the act
As I chuckled to myself
My stress greatly unbuckled

Till half past nine
The evening was fine
I was tasting wine
Her toes drawing random lines

The sky wasn't dark
But I had my mark
The moon was high
All alone just her and I

Her hair so dark
Her skin so soft
Her eyes so blue
I think she knew what I am going to do

Her lips so moist
Her eyes on her calf
Her legs so fine
My fingers ran down her spine

I didn't know how
Yet I decided its now
Slowly I tried my best
To place my hand on her breast

I wasn’t sure
Had I managed to lure
My lips so dry and
My fast beating heart
She took her time yet slowly
She spread her legs apart

The moon went into hiding
As the clouds came to my rescue
My hand went into a sliding
As her soft moans gave me cue

As she felt no shame,
For this,
No excuses are lame
Deep inside feeling a flame
I was ready for the game
As there is no one to blame
After a little while
Slowly & steadily all the white stuff came

Beads of perspiration
A sigh of satisfaction
A sense of levitation with
A sense of accomplishment
As I heard a energetic mow
I gathered happily myself slow
Thinking its all over now,

My first time..... milking a cow!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Musings: Celebrate the plurality of individuality!

Disclaimer: Many of us strive for uniformity & standardization and the problem starts when they apply this to life and tend arrive at the lowest common denominator! This musings is essentially to stress on the importance of Uniqueness and Individuality!. Yes! Godliness is in plurality!

Very unique that you are, Very unique that I am
Very unique that we are, Very unique that all are
Uniqueness is so common, Individuality is so common
Yet as a society driven moron
Striving for Standardization, striving for Uniformity
Inventing our personality & not discovering our individuality
Ignoring that godliness is in plurality!

The beauty of the fruit is in giving
The duty of the root is in taking
For the life of the fruit is days numbered
For the life of the root is fruits numbered
A root can’t wish to be a fruit
For when the root imitates there shall be no fruit

Step into your garden and open your eyes to realize
That the pleasure of the bee is in gathering honey
And that of the flower is in yielding to the bee
For both are unique and important in its own way

It’s the same water in many forms
As in ice & rain, river & sewer
As in well & gel, bile & blood
As in pond & ocean, floods & clouds
As in fog & mist, vapor & steam
Evaporation, Precipitation, Condensation & Collection
Formation & Evolution from multi process Transformation
Pluralistic uniqueness is Nature’s own manifestation

All thumbs, all summers, all winters,
All spring, all white, all black
Monotonic, monotheistic,
Monopolist, monogamist
Monolingual, monologue
All same is not too well
Takes our life closer to hell

They say you are as weak
As your weakest link
I say you are as strong
As your strongest link
There was never
There never will be
There is no now
A man for whom there is
All blame or all praise!

It’s a karmic life; let’s live in a dharmic way
With no hatred in action and harm to none
With love for all in heart and thoughts
Don’t destroy the roses to avoid the thorns
Don’t waste your life living at other’s pace!
Connecting to yourself ignoring the race
Hearing your breath and the silence in space!

Giving without hesitation, losing without regret
Acquiring without meanness, learning without pride
Mastering alchemy the science of transmuting
Adversity to opportunity, Failures to learning
Success to humility, Prosperity to moderation
Authority to motivation, Energy to goodwill
To live life fully celebrate your Individuality!
To live life undivided, celebrate the plurality!
Let's celebrate the individuality in plurality!
Let's celebrate the plurality of individuality!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Musings: New approach to problem solving!

Disclaimer: When Ms. Rationality met Mr. Radicality, an offspring called Tangentiality comes out.

Good living is in balancing of the extremes!
Good & Evil, Right & wrong
Practical & Ideal, Joy & Sorrow
Man & woman, Yin and Yang
Inter & Intra, Hyper & Hypo
Over & Under, Anemia & Obesity,
Austerity and Indulgence, Addiction & Abstinence
Failures and Success, Problems and Solutions

Joy is our sorrow masked
Success is our failure masked
For we weep about what has been once our delight
And this shall continue till we lit within our brightest light

We see shadows with our backs to the light
There aren’t shadows when we see the light
We blame the sun, we blame the light
For shadows hide how much the sun is bright

As we continue living life as fast lane drivers
For Success & Solutions are the accelerators
But Problems & Failures are the speed breakers
For a sea faring soul in an ocean called life
Success and Solutions are the ship driving sails
Problems and Failures are the rudders as brakes
If sails or rudder either is weak
Life would be still or toss and drift

Praying for a life without problems grave
Think of the mind that is absolutely naive
For Problems are about Misunderstanding
For Problems are about lack of understanding
For Problems are there ‘coz we stand under them and they stand over us

Isn’t Problems proportional to proximity?
Isn’t Problems proportional to ownership?
Isn’t Solutions reverse proportional to proximity?
Isn’t Solutions reverse proportional to ownership?

For I find am lot wiser if I have to solve your problem
For I am great adviser if I have to solve your problem
Hence involvement and proximity are proportional
Hence proximity and difficulty are proportional
Hence clarity and resolution are proportional

Let’s amend the constitution!
Why don’t you solve my problem!
And I solve yours!
For Good living is in balancing of the extremes!
You balance mine and I yours!

Happy reading !