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Friday, October 31, 2008

Importance of Food in tamil literture (Thirukural)

"Food is the medicine for the disease called hunger"
Having interest in a vague and not so quantified topic like "food (nutrition habits) and its impact on our physical, psychological and spiritual well being"... i hv found the above quote to be one of the best quotes i have ever read on this genre....

Attributed to Adi Sankaracharya, this quote summarises as to how we approach eating. Just like medicines are taken in right quantities / proportions, right time and with a priority to health than taste, food needs to be treated and taken in the same way.
Even if we know and understand the importance of this line most of tend to ignore it till the system refuses to cooperate with us.

i wanted to share the importance of food stressed in one of the tamil literatures (thirukural, for those who have not heard about this refer to a list of 10 couplets stressing the single quote given above.

Its listed under a heading called "Medicine" and i have tried to reproduce the quote in tamil and its meaning in English...(Click on the image for better viewing).
i was surprised that many of us dont even know whats the constitution of our body and whats our prakriti is ... there are quite a number of sites available and you can try this site...

I shall blog some of the routines that can be easily followed (I follow for my 'single pack' abdomen) to be healthy and clean...
Happy reading!

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