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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time = Space Series. Part 21 – 5 and 8 the Universal rhythm

Let’s summarize what we have seen so far and then move on to more interesting aspects.

We have touched upon the God’s particle and its characteristics. We also looked at the 5 fold manifestation process and in that we looked at how Moolam becomes Kaalam (time) and how time rhythmically (Seelam) vibrates with a proportion and creates forms and shapes (Kolam). We also touched upon some of the ways we had codified the secrets of nature like Lord Shiva, Lord Nataraja, Lord Ganapati etc.

Before we see how rhythm (Seelam) and shapes (Kolam) manifests itself as universe, let’s first look at one specific word from Tamil which has three significant meanings converging into one, Yen (எண்), means number eight, generic term for Number / numeral and also root for எண்ணம் which means thought. I shall explain the significance of this below.  

Importance of 8 / Octet:

It is stated that these God’s particles combine in the multiples of 8 / octaves ONLY and the states of manifestation from being subtle to gross is as given below.

o   Formless Un-manifest State       0 (This is the Abhavaat state)
o   Guna State                                         80 = 1
o   First stage                                         81 = 8
o   Second stage                                     82 = 64
o   Third stage                                        83 = 512
o   Fourth Stage                                     84 = 4096
o   Fifth Stage                                     85 = 32768. This is the state with manifest form.

This rule is applicable to both the visual and aural forms which mean we can see or hear anything only in the fifth stage of evolution. So as per Pranava veda, the fundamental numbers are 0,1 and the key numerals for proportions are 5, 8.

Significance of 5 and 8:

Pranava Veda describes that 8 / octets is the essential harmonic oscillator for the manifestation of the universe since this generative force is the multiple with which the whole universe manifests and sustains. You many note that number 8 is associated with Lord Narayana and his Ashtakshara mantra (Om NaMoNaRaYaNaYa).

The principle of 5 / Penta, we have seen is the regenerative binding force earlier. It is always a 5 stage process. This is associated with Lord Shiva (Om NaMaSiVaYa). The un-manifest form comes to the Guna state with the force of 5 and in the multiples of 8. It is also important to highlight that 5 and 8 are part of the Fibonacci series and their proportion is 8/5 = 1.6, which is F.

But it is important to realize that the building of octets is a 5 step process for manifestation. This highlights that one cannot exist without another and both are interdependent. Now let’s recall:

"Shivasya hridayam vishnur, Vishnoscha hridayam shivah:" and
"Shivaya Vishnu rupaya Vishnave Shiva rupine"

Vishnu (8) is the heart of Shiva (5) and likewise Shiva is the heart of Vishnu and they both are the representation of each other. 

If you have noted Tamil language stressed the importance of words and its meaning – this was addressed in the first few parts of this series. Here Tamil language gives the importance of numerals and its significance in the formation of universe. Both the great sages Auvaiyaar and Thiruvallular stated the importance of numerals and letters in an identical fashion. Both these lines mean, Numerals and letters are like eyes for living beings / equal to eyes.

எண் என்ப ஏனை எழுத்து என்ப இவ்விரண்டும் கண் என்ப வாழும் உயிர்க்கு
எண்ணும் எழுத்தும் கண்ணென தகும்!

Now what should be noted here is that (எண்) importance of numerals precedes that of letters and we know why. The aural and visual forces become letters & its associated sound at the 5th stage but the numerals are from the Guna state. Numerals were associated with 8 / Lord Vishnu and letters were associated with 5 / Lord Shiva. Guess you can get the scientific knowledge and significance we have in our languages.

Since what is in macro is there in microcosm, taking the analogy to microcosm our mind becomes the Moolam (Source), our thoughts are the vibration, time is measured as the periodicity between thoughts, based on the rhythm of our vibration we perceive the world. This is given very nicely as உள்ளமே மூலமாகி உணர்வுறும் கோலமாகி! means Our mind is the source and its awareness becomes forms.

This wonderful concept is what is linked in the word Yen (எண்), which means number eight, generic term for Number / numeral and also root for எண்ணம் thoughts. Just this one word in Tamil highlights the supreme secret that thoughts become form and words with the help of numbers and numerical proportion converts aural and visual forms to thoughts.

As a wise man said, “Indians are the most ignorant about their rich past and scientific traditions.”

Happy reading!

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