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Monday, January 16, 2012

Time = Space Series. Part 14 –Mayan, Tamil, Pleiades & iCHING

Jose Arguelles was also mentioning that the Tzolkin calendar matrix communicates with 2 constellations – Pleiades and Arcturus. Jose mentions that he is sure about communication with Pleiades constellation. 

Why did Pleiades interest me?
·       According to Tamil history, Tamil is a divine language and the Lord associated is Lord Muruga. He is the Tamil deity and he is from the Constellation Pleiades which is called Kritika nakshatra.

·       This emphasizes that the South American Mayan could be Tamilian from India, as many in the ET studies circuit opine that Pleiades is a constellation which is like our distant cousin where Tamil is spoken. There are many links but you can check this out..

·         Look at the Mayan calendar below, it is a 13x20 Tzolkin matrix.

o   Please recall that we mentioned 13 is the number for Kala Bhairava - an aspect of Lord Shiva and the lord of time.
o   Tzolkin has a mystical central column around which 6 and 6 columns exist. The belief is that this central column is the frame of reference to the galaxy and it is believed to connected to Hunab Ku – the center of the galaxy.
o   This mysterious centre column is believed to be the road to the sky leading to the umbilical cord of the universe. I immediately correlated this with the thread of consciousness which is connected to the Hiranyagarba (the center of the galaxy as per Indian texts.) – Check the picture below.
o   So understanding that this shaft of consciousness is connected to the center of the galaxy (Hunab Ku / Hiranyagarbha) at the one end and to our solar plexus at the other end with communication and galactic information transmission happening through resonance of light, opened many gates within me.

Nothing in this universe exists without purpose and the form and shape of any being / thing is explained as a state of consciousness at a particular resonant frequency adds to the Seelam (Rhythm) aspect of the Kaalam which we are going to see later.

For the space and time travel enthusiasts, Mayan has the following:

§  All space travel is intelligence as information – transmitted through light by the principle of harmonic resonance.
§  Mayan says that Sun is the lens through which galactic information is transmitted to and from the galactic core and interpreting this with Gayatri Mantra where we meditate on the supreme light Savitr – an aspect of Sun god is amazingly striking.

§  Mayan highlights that time is a function of principle harmonic resonance and he attaches significant importance to the numerals which he states are the galactic harmonic constants. This is exactly what Aintiram states.

§  He interprets the iChing to contain the Genetic code of the human DNA as a hexagram in a 8x8 matrix which is a binary progression to the 6th power corresponding 64 six part words /codons. At the same time he interprets number 260 to be galactic constant and 360 which is the factor for a calendar year or the total angle in a circle to a harmonic calibrator. His explanations more on this and on the mystical number 7 do not resonate in my tiny brain and I am begging for holy grace to expand my mind to understand these concepts.

§  When he says that flowers open to light just does not mean that it is sensitive to be light but deeply it aspires to be LIGHT. I am not sure if you understand the depth of this statement as against the Sage molar statement which states gross light should merge with subtle light. I have been left speechless for days after understanding this correlation.

It is interesting to note that significance of numerals as per Mayan factor:

§  1              – The pulsation                                – Ray of Unity
§  2              – The pulsation                                - Ray of Polarity
§  3              – The pulsation                                - Ray of Rhythm
§  4              – The pulsation                                - Ray of Measure
§  5              – The pulsation                                - Ray of center
§  6              – The pulsation                                - Ray of organic balance
§  7              – The pulsation                                - Ray of mystic power.
§  8              – The pulsation                               - Ray of harmonic resonance. (More of this later).
§  9              – The pulsation                                - Ray of cyclic Periodicity
§  10           – The pulsation                                - Ray of Manifestation
§  11           – The pulsation                                - Ray of Dissonant Structure
§  12           – The pulsation                                - Ray of Complex stability
§  13           – The pulsation                                - Ray of Universal movement

I thought of writing just a page on this topic and I have ended up with 2 parts and I am stopping my temptation to write few more pages on this topic. For all of those interested, please read the book by Jose Arguelles.

It is amazing to find out how most of the ancient civilizations seem to have a common root and the communication between various geographies looks stunningly simple and the metrics on astronomical objects and other space sciences seems to be so accurate despite the absence of precision instruments and spacecrafts.  

You tend to believe that we had far advanced knowledge of nature which we seems to have lost and most certainly few thousand years back we were not roaming in the jungles of India and Africa hunting animals as told to us by the western experts but we had a far superior & scientifically advanced civilization.

As a wise man said, “Indians are the most ignorant about their rich past and scientific traditions.”

Happy Reading!

Courtesy: The Mayan factor
Jose Arguelles
You may want to see the mystical center column connecting to the center of the galaxy and in the next post we will see in this more in detail linking this to the most misunderstood Hindu symbol / god - The Linga.

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