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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just look back in history and see what stands the test of time. Even if a civilization is completely extinct what stand beyond their time is the architecture of the civilization which stands tall as a witness to the richness and maturity of the civilization.

Aintiram states that “Architecture (Space engineering) is the zenith of the mathematics” in கட்டிட கலையே கணக்கியல் உச்சி...” This space science is called as Vaastu Sastra in India.

There are few important concepts in Vaastu science which I want to present as below:

·      The whole world is made up of God’s particle (Vastu, வஸ்து) and nothing else. It is this God’s particle which actually manifests itself as gross forms (Vaastu, வாஸ்து). You would note that Vastu (Subtle) has become Vaastu (gross) by addition of letter “a” and this difference is reflected in our languages too. When become  / the subtle becomes gross. Hence the most important statement for this science is “Vastur eva Vaastu”, this means the subtle becomes gross or energy becomes matter or the space becomes earth. This is purely manifestation / evolution and there is no creation. This has nothing to do with religion but supreme science.

·        Since it is all only one energy and it ever vibrates based on the harmonics and resonance, this vibration is called life and everything in this world, be it a living being or a non-living being as per our current definition – everything vibrates. The chair you sit and the vehicle you use are all living beings. Everything throbs with energy and there is nothing which is a non-living being in this universe. Without this vibration there would not be any difference between iron and cotton. The difference between particles is essentially the molecular constitution which is a function of its elements and its periodicity. This defines presence or absence of quality and sensory perceptions. This was put very nicely by Poet Subramanya Bharathi as எங்கு காணினும் சக்தியடா, Where ever you see its just energy.

·     The above concept is very profound and this is called as Science in our scriptures since it deals with Knowledge of the space (விண் ஞானம், Vin-gyan).

·       By the same concept when a subtle energy which is in the open space is converted to a gross form like a building then this body / building vibrates based on the design specifications and the material used for that building. It does not matter what is the measure and what is the material used, it vibrates. When a structure is created with a divine proportion then we breathe life into it. Thus the structure becomes a living organism. This is how some of the structure stands the test of time for thousands of years.

·        Vaastu is that science which aligns the vibration of the building with the vibration of the dweller in the building so that both the living organisms (the building and the dweller) are in harmony and resonance.

·         It sounds simple but for this science we need to know includes the vibration pattern of the dweller, mathematics of space engineering, the knowledge of materials and its nature so that we can match it up to create harmony. This is precisely what Vaastu as a science does. Again it has nothing to do with religion. If you Google you would find thousands of Vaastu experts outside India who perceive and pursue this as a supreme spatial science.

·      Let us look at the word “vas” which is the root. This means to shine; to grow bright, to bestow by shining upon, becoming light. Vaas is its derivative which means to perfume, an intoxicant, dwelling place, to assume the appearance of matter. This is the root for SriniVAAS, SreeVAASan, VAASam in Tamil means living. Most importantly the ability to feel this subtle thing (which cannot be touched) is called VAASanai (வாசனை, in Tamil it means smell).

·         This spatial science includes knowledge on the following:
o   Nature of soil and material, and the qualities of its energy.
o   Measures for spatial engineering that best resonates with the environment and the dweller.
§  Note that the dwelling unit cannot be compatible to all the human beings universally. This varies with individual to individual and hence the Vaastu compatibility for the house is always seen for the housewife than the man with the assumption that what is compatible to the lady of the house would suit all others.

o   Accurate calculation of time and the position of astronomical bodies. The time engineering merges here with the space engineering. Consider the following to understand this:
§  In some temples you would notice that the sunlight falls on the deity on a specific day / time of the day. This is not possible if the future position of astronomical bodies at a given time is calculated very accurately.
§  When we build a house / temple the inauguration ceremony should be conducted at a specific time. So it’s just not Space Engineering but time engineering also.

o   We see that the concept of space and time are not just a continuum but:

§  The measures of time and space merge and results in the same unit measure called Tala. It is Adi Tala in Poetry, Music and the same measure is used in building and sculpture dimensions.
§  Space is created because of the pulsation called Time and hence the unit time measure (for pulsation) and the unit space measure (result of pulsation) are one and the same. This means the pulsation causes proportional displacement or creation of Space.

§  It is the same concept used in meditation techniques. With Pranayama, Dharana and Dhyana you control the pulsation and align with it. In Samadhi you stop the pulsation and hence you are beyond time and space and you reach a luminescent state of resonant non-vibration.

Hence to reflect this truth, I named this book as “Time = Space”.

We have seen that each subtle unit is represented in  8x8 energy grid and the gross unit is represented in a 9x9 energy grid. Mayan states that “Each module or pada within the 8x8 / 9x9 structure resonates with a specific energy. Based on Space, Time, Light, and Sound coordinates the frequency of vibration has its unique position in the Space/ Time continuum. This energy level of frequency of vibration is called a luminous body or Devata. This devata has particular attributes based upon its position and qualities in the Space/Time continuum (placement among the 64 / 81 sub-cubes or padas)”.

Figure 37: 5 states of 8x8 Energy Grid (Courtesy: Dr. Ganapathi Sthapati)

Now what is evident here in this science is 8 and 5 merges and so does Space and time.

·         Manifestation occurs in additive values of eight and in 5 stages. You can note that the Bindu (Point) has become 4, then 12, then 20 and then 28. (4+8=12 +8=20+8=28 with a total additive factor of 64). Manifestation occurs in sequences of five steps known as the Pentadic Order.

·      The mathematical calculation which gives form to consciousness / space / subtle matter is called “Ayadi Gananam”. We know that Ganam as the additive process.

Dr. Jessica Marcey in her Fabric of Universe states that:

·         The subtle energy point in the center becomes a self effulgent energy generator pouring out waves of energy
·         becoming a self spinning stabilized structure of four padas / modules then
·         adding eight units of energy to manifest the 4X4 structure of 16 units or modules; then
·         adding another eight units of energy to manifest the 6X6 structure of 36 units or modules; then
·         Adds eight more units culminating in 64 units or modules strung concentrically around the Bindu point or central generator.

So a central point with 4 concentric square belts around, each has its own frequency, vibration and energy characteristics evolving into a 9x9 unit as a gross matter. While this knowledge is significant of itself, when these phenomena are viewed in light of material manifestation as built space in architecture, the significance becomes stunning and profound.

Figure 38: 9x9 energy grid with corresponding energy levels for each grid.
(Courtesy: Dr. Jessica Marcey, Fabric of the Universe)

So, to sum up this section, we have seen that how every inanimate thing in this universe is still a living being and how with the spatial science we can pump throbbing energy into a building. This is the supreme science where Time and Space merges. This is the 4th sacred art we talked about which is a manifestation of the visual form of Om.

As you would have noticed I have avoided talking about rituals and rules here but focused on the concept and philosophy. When we talk about rituals there are very many variations and we get into an unnecessary argument that whether it is rational or superstitious. Also since most of the arts have become commercialized the person’s qualification is always in question.

The objective of this book is to highlight the scientific aspects of the universe in a small way and emphasis that our culture is built on this science. Be it language or arts or religion all are built on scientific facts. They all were nourished and nurtured in thousands of Temples across India which is the container and protector of this subtle science and energy.

Let’s see some more interesting aspects of this in the next section.

Happy reading!

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