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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time = Space Series. Part 16 – Seelam - The Primordial circular force - Ganapthi & Mathematics

In the last few decades the main stream western science has started accepting concepts like uncertainty principle, wave mechanics, quantum mechanics, and periodicity of the wave pattern. Most importantly it is about the fundamental wave pattern of any energy or matter and the harmonics of these wave patterns falling in a particular form and proportion which is dictated by geometry / mathematics. In all the western scientists are scratching their heads on the depths of science of the subtle aka the sacred spatial geometry. 

Most of the eastern philosophies have mastered this science and have codified these natural laws as a part of their religion, which is often dismissed as superstition. I already highlighted that in Tamil and Sanskrit the definition for science is “Knowledge of the space”. 

Modern science is moving in the right direction albeit very slow and they are trying to understand as to how elements are bonded within an molecule in addition to what elements constitute them. For example Chlorophyll molecule consists of Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and magnesium (Mg at its core) has a complex 12 fold Pattern – just one such typical pattern which can convert sunlight into life substance. The same pattern exists in our RBC cells just that it has an iron at its core instead of magnesium. 

The understanding about the human body especially, “the spatial awareness that exists in each and every cell is due to the different sensory organs tuned at frequencies”, led the scientists to unravel the innate spatial geometry of life.

Be it living, non-living beings, abstract forces like gravity, nuclear force, electromagnetism, heat, movement of astronomical bodies it does not matter what, everything in this universe adheres to a vibration / periodicity and is reducible to a number or a ratio. As a wise man said, “Mathematics is the language of gods”. This primordial rhythm & its harmonics are captured under the topic “Seelam” by Mayan in ancient tamil texts. Let’s look at this in detail.

I have been finding it difficult to sequence the flow for this topic and let me try starting from the basics:

·        We know that the Paramaanu or God’s particle is a cube. This particle with the primordial vibration combines with other particles to create a shape. The Paramaanu combines in the multiples of 8 to evolve the next structure. Then on it combines in the multiples of 8. Let us see the importance of 8 later, but remember 8 is the number for Lord Narayana and Om namo Narayana has 8 Aksharas.

·      What is a cube called in Tamil? It is called Ganam (கனம்). This also means heaviness, gravity, honor, dignity, abundance, plenty. To indicate it is a square cuboid they call it கன சதுரம் . 

·       The process of the addition of Paramaanu into bigger units is called as Ganam (கணம், गणं). In Tamil both the Cube and the additive resultant are called as Ganam and the only difference being that in Cube it uses a small “na” (ன) as an alphabet. In the additive process / resultant it uses a Big “na”(ண). The big “na” signifies that due to the additive process the small (na) becomes big (na).

·         This additive process starts because of the first rhythmic circular force also called as a Suzhi (சுழி) in tamil, meaning loop.

·   Here comes the beauty. The Lord of this additive force (Ganam) is called as Ganapathi 
Pillayar Suzhi

 (கணபதி, गणपती)Note this is the bigger “na” used and not smaller “na”He is associated with the first circular force - Suzhi (and hence he takes the first honor in any Vedic ritual. Even if it is Lord Shiva or Vishnu the very first honor goes to the Lord of Ganas. Many Indians when they start writing (atleast few decades back) they first start with this symbol at the top of the page before anything for a successful completion of that activity.   

·         If I add my own inferences to the above with a caveat that everything else I have written have a solid back up mostly from our own study of languages (as you can yourself see) and our scriptures.

o   The symbol above signifies that what as a point with untouched / non-interacting energies / resulted in the primordial first circular force out of a pulse and also signifying that every circular force shall also collapse back to a point.
o   Also the bigger / heavier things are formed or created by its smallest unit and hence symbolically the heavier ones are carried by the smaller units. To signify this may be a god in the form of an elephant is carried by a mouse.        

·         Now you know why every ritual starts with this Sloka to Ganapathi:

“GanAnAm tva Ganapati gum Havamahe, Kavim Kavinam Upamasra vastamam
Jyestharajam Brahmanam Brahmanaspat aana Srnvan nuti bhissi dasadanam”
This means “May you the Lord of Ganas, Ganapati",... . and so it goes.
·     Now what do we call the study of this additive force - Ganas? Mathematics – Ganith / Ganitham (கணிதம், गणित ).

·         So we Indians have codified:
o    the primordial God’s particle as paramaanu or microbode or Lord Shiva,
o   the rhythmic movement of the pillar of light as Lord Nataraja,
o   the first circular force as the symbol for Lord Ganapathi,
o   the lord of the additive force as Lord Ganapthi himself and
o the Study of this additive force which leads to the formation of everything in the universe is Mathematics in Sanskrit and Tamil. 
o   Every possible state of consciousness and manifestation is represented in Shiva Linga 
o   We will see that the multiples of 8 in which the additive force moves is codified as Lord Narayana or Vishnu and the five state manifestation process as the five letters associated with Lord Shiva.

·     Just forget that these names are the names of the Hindu gods, and tell me one religion or philosophy or one branch of science in this world which can capture the nature’s primordial secret in this way and codify it for the common benefit of the world and carry it for thousands / millions of years.

These are just a start and please wait for the other interesting aspects to unfold.

As a wise man said, “Indians are the most ignorant about their rich past and scientific traditions.”

Happy Reading!

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