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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time = Space Series. Part 6 – The unfolding Self - Universe has evolved and was not created

As per many scriptures in Hinduism this universe has evolved from itself and not created by someone. If you want to quickly ask as me as to what Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra mean – I would attribute them to different process heads in this evolution. They are all same different aspects of the same consciousness based on the state. This is my understanding but let us avoid any religious discussions here.

Here I am indebted and thankful to the nobel soul Late. Ganapathi Stapathi, ( who not only unraveled the Vaastu science – the science of Space and time but also brought to light 2 important books which were over 12000+ years old written in Tamil by Mahamuni Maayan.

He is believed to be the same person who is popularly known in South America as Mayan and the 2012 phenomenon based on Mayan calendar. Ganapathi has established proofs that the pyramids in Middle East, the temple architecture in India and the structures in Mexico and Guatemala confirm to a single Science and Mathematics seen in these works.

At the end of the blog I am listing few books which helped me understand this topic but most of the books (Aintiram and Pranava Veda) are out of print now and if you are lucky, you would get some of them. Now let us understand briefly how this evolution process has come about. According to Mayans’ Aintiram:

·         The free space is the unified field of energy and matter and source of all forms that we see in material world. That is why we were defined science as Vingyanam. This space consists of very minute particle called Vinporul, nunporul, Sittrambalam, Paramanu, Oliporul, Microbode (விண்பொருள், நுண்பொருள், சிற்றம்பலம், பரமாணு, ஒளிப்பொருள்) and in many names.

·         The whole process of evolution is a 5 stage process. (Keep noting the importance of 5 and at the background remember Shiva is represented by Panchakshara mantra (Na~Ma~Si~Va~ya).

·         So what is the five stage process?
o   This space is called as Moolam (Source).
o   This starts vibrating and this vibration of the space is called Kalam (Absolute Time and not physical time. We will refer this as time only).
o   This Kalam (time) vibrates to a mathematical resonance called Seelam (Rhythm)
o   This Seelam as it resonates creates Kolam (Shapes).
o   This Kolam becomes our visible Universe which is called Gnalam.

·         So its MOOLAM (Source) – KALAM (TIME) – SEELAM (RHYTHM) – KOLAM (SHAPE) – GNALAM (UNIVERSE). மூலம் - காலம் - சீலம் - கோலம் ஞாலம், these are 5 stages of evolution.

This means that the Space itself becomes spatial forms and time is the instrument that creates, sustains and destroys. Siva in tamil is also called as Kalan (காலன்) as to who controls time since Kalam காலம் is time.

To put it differently, space when pulsates becomes absolute time and this is the creative energy. The process of pulsation confirms to a mathematical order and we will see this order in detail later. You may now understand the phrase that “Time creates, sustains and destroys”. Since if there is no pulsation then nothing happens.

For those who need blue eyes to convince themselves of this can be referred to the Bertrand Russel’s quote “What we perceive as qualities of matter are differences in periodicity”.

I shall quote some from the oldest literatures for reference below:
காலமே எவைக்கும் மூலம், காலமே மூல ஆற்றல் 
காலமே கோலத் தோற்றம், காலமே ஞாலத் தோற்றம்… Maha muni Mayan from Aintiram

காலக்கூறே கணக்கியலாகி... Time splits as Maths in proportion as it pulsates.
Vyasa says in Adi parva chapter 1, shloka 249, says the same thing that Time Creates, sustains and destroys everything.
kalah srijati bhutani kalah sanharati prajah/
sanharantah prajah kalam kalah shamyate punah//

The same is quoted as “Vastur eva Vaastu” which means the Space which is called Vastu (with Single a) becomes Vaastu (gross form – with two aa). You can relate this Vaastu as the building science which is gross misused and misrepresented and commercialized in today’s TV programs.

I shall leave with this thought, the space is considered as Nataraja (Shiva) – subtle component and Ranganatha is considered as the Earth component. So Shiva and Vishnu are two aspects of the same seed. We will see more scientific proof of this later.

"Shivasya hridayam vishnur, Vishnoscha hridayam shivah:" and
"Shivaya Vishnu rupaya Vishnave Shiva rupine"

Vishnu is the heart of Shiva and likewise Shiva is the heart of Vishnu and they both are the representation of each other.

Now if you are clear about the five stage process of evolution we can delve into each and every aspect of this in little more detail that would answer everything.

Happy reading!

Ref: Check out all the ones here. Key recommendations are item 6, 11, 14 and 43.

Picture of Mamuni Mayan
ஆலமா மரத்தின் கீழே  அருள் மயன் அமர்ந்ததாலே  
ஆலமா மரத்தின் கீழே அருட் கலை வளர்ந்ததாலே 
ஆலமா மரத்தின் கீழே அறிவர்கள் வளர்ந்ததாலே 
ஆலயம் ஊரும்தோறும் அமைந்தன செழிக்கநன்றே!!

Because Graceful Mayan sat under the Banyan tree
Because spiritual arts grew under the Banyan tree
Because people became wise under banyan tree
Temples grew across every town for the human welfare!  

The belief was that Mahamuni Mayan was equated with Lord Dakshinamoorthy (Lord of the south) since he was believed to have lived in kumari Kandam (Lemuria) a land which existed between Sri Lanka and Antartic ocean connecting Australia, Africa and America to Asia. He sat under the banyan tree and taught Pranava veda which also dealt with spiritual arts like Poetry, Sculpture, Classical Dance, Classical Music and Building architecture. All these 5 form an integral part of every hindu temple and hence his lessons was believed to have created / spurred the growth of temple culture in India. 

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