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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time = Space Series. Part 8 – Characteristics of the God’s particle (Paramaanu)

Please read this and the next part with an open mind.

As per our scriptures when analyzed deeply we can state that “At the beginning it was just Consciousness (Pragnanam) that was luminescent with un-manifested potential energy and residing at resonant state of non-vibration. This energy was self manifest and was present as Paramaanu or Micro-adobe or Vinporul aka a subatomic particle. Yes! It was a particle without vibration and was at resonant state of non-vibration.

The entire Space was supposed to be filled with these particles only and these were primal potential matter which is ever lasting.

Now let us ask few questions and see how our scriptures answer this:

1.       What was the shape of this particle?
We have already answered that. In 2D it is square and in 3D it is a cuboid with all equal sides. Please note that in space it is always 3D and not 2D. It has 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. This is known in the current scientific community as Tetrahedron.

2.       What is inside the Paramaanu or Subatomic particle?
This is a very interesting question. Our scriptures say that it is purely space inside but with an energy grid.

3.       What is this energy grid and what is its shape?
It says that it is an 8x8 energy grid inside this microbode. This essentially means it is a square energy grid of 64 squares inside this Paramaanu. So in 3D it looks like vertical pillars of 8x8 squares.

4.       What is this color of this Paramaanu?
It is luminescent and the golden color of the light is what it is associated with. “Hiranyavarnnaam harineem..” says Sri Suktha in the Vedas, confirming the color of this Paramanu. Their variations exist but the fundamental one is of golden color.

5.       What is the significance of the energy grid?
For the time being let me state that anything subtle /un-manifest is a function of 8 and anything gross / manifest is a function of 9. Let me also add that iChing – which is a Chinese divination book and the hexagram which deals with the Science of the subtle is in an 8x8 square matrix. The mental game Chess is played in a 8x8 square. You would find 8 is the number or dimension for the subtle. We will see the importance of 8 and 9 and how beautifully these proportions adorn everything in nature in our daily life.

6.       Are these particles faster than light?
Frankly I have not read a direct answer to this question but since this particle itself is light the velocity of this particle cannot be faster than light. This is my opinion. Modern experiments are suggesting that it could be faster than light. In Mahabharatha, Yakshaprasna, the Yaksha will this question to King Yudhishtra as to what is fastest thing in this world? King Yudhishtra would reply as “mind”.

As to why mins is faster than anything else is interpreted by some sages as follows:  Since Consciousness is omnipotent and ever connected, the communication is seamless, instantaneous and not subjected to the concept of distance. The example given is if there is a pain in your leg, it does not take time to travel to your head. It is instantaneous and hence the whole universe should be considered as a living organism. Every human cell is filled with consciousness and awareness and intelligence.

So to conclude on this question the particles are not faster than light but each particle is filled with intelligence and consciousness (just like a human cell) and their communication to another point is instantaneous and not subject to concept of distance.

7.       Ok. Who has seen these particles and give me empirical proof?
परमानुरिति प्रोक्तं योगिनाम दृष्टि गोचरम ! (Paramaanuriti proktam Yoginaam, drishti gocharam) says Mayamatham. This means the microspace or Paramaanu is visible to the trained contemplatives and meditators only. One quick example as proof is the Temple in Chidambaram which represents Space tattva where the temple is built around the concept with enough documentation on it.

But we have been trained under Lord Macauly’s education system and how can we accept this as proof which is subjective and superstitious. If I may ask please tell me how many of us have seen the electrons or protons? Do we not believe everything when someone tells us in English even if its not supported by a structure like the Chidambaram temple?

It is true that modern scientists prove their existence through its manifestations and results of some experiments in our day today world. So we will look at tons of manifestations around us in nature as we progress. I would like us to be philosophically very clear at this stage as to what these things mean which we have been blindly following. For the time being please note down your questions and I am positive that this would be answered in due course.

Our sages have not only seen this paramaanu, but have given its dimensions and the mathematical formula to manage this energy. We will see all of them.

Happy reading!

Look at this picture and the explanation of this can be read in the next part. You can probably think as to what is Manduka and why it is named so?

MANDUKA MANDALA – 8x8 – Un-manifest form -  Paramaanu – Microbode – Sittravai – God’s particle – Consider as the top view of the Cuboid. 

PARAMA SAYIKA MANDALA – 9x9 Energy grid – Gross form.

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