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Monday, January 16, 2012

Time = Space Series. Part 13 – South American Mayan & South Indian Maayan

Since we are discussing about time, let us address the Mamuni Maayan and the South American Mayan similarity.

A lot has been talked about Mayan calendar and the imminent destruction to planet earth in the year 2012. I would recommend ‘The Mayan Factor – Path beyond technology” by Jose Arguelles if you are interested in this topic.

In this part I am interested in highlighting that the South American Mayan and the South Indian Mamuni Maayan who wrote Aintiram and Pranava Veda are one and the same. Extensive research have been conducted by many and I found both the works of Jose Arguelles and late Dr. Ganapathi Stapathi who has spent about 3 decades each very impressive. Dr. Ganapathi concluded that they both are the same and he has shown some interesting linkages.

I am going to present what impressed me in both these great researcher’s works.

·         First let me state that the doomsayers of 2012 phenomenon picked up Mayan’s calendar which started in 3113 BC ran for 5125 years and the calendar ended in year 2012. Since the calendar ended they thought this signified that the world is ending. Jose argues that this is wrong and most probably the human race is entering into the next phase of evolution and the next cycle would begin. If you strongly believe that this is not true and the world would certainly end by 2012, then please ensure that you transfer all your assets and savings to my name effective 22, Dec 2012. J

·         Mayan in his calendar in South America used very unique numerals in his calendar that is given below:

·      Now let me reproduce a Tamil poem written by Mamuni Maayan in his work called “Kanithamaa sennool”. This song is part of the book written by Maayan in Tamil during his time – 12000 years+. This song expresses how the numerals are formed till 10. It says,

o   1 is one dot, 2 is 2 dots, 3 is 3 dots, 4 is 4 dots, 5 is a line and 10 is a double line.

மாப்புள்ளி ஒன்றே அன்றோ ஒன்றுமா எண்ணே காட்டும்
மாப்புள்ளி இரண்டே யன்றோ இரண்டுமா எண்ணே காட்டும்

மாப்புள்ளி மூன்றே யன்றோ மூன்றுமா எண்ணே காட்டும்
மாப்புள்ளி நான்கே யன்றோ நான்குறு எண்ணே காட்டும்

மாப்புள்ளி ஐந்தே யன்றோ ஐந்து மா எண்ணே காட்டும்
மாப்புள்ளி கோட்டினாலே இரண்டுரு மாக்கங் காட்டி 
மாவியல் திறத்தினாலே பத்தறு மாக்கங் காட்டி
மாவியல் திறத்தினாலே எண்முதற் பொருளு மாவாய்!!      (கணிதமா செந்நூல் - மாயன்

·        Among the books written during Mayan’s time in Guatamala are Popol Vuh, The annals of cakchiquels and the Book of Chilam Balam. The resemblance of Chilam Balam to Chidambaram with which SI Maayan was so involved is very striking.

·       Be the pyramids that were built in the jungles of S. America that has a striking resemblance to the viamanas from south India, the earth’s revolution around the sun measured within 1/1000th of the decimal point which is available in a book called Surya Siddhaanta – In Sanskrit by Mayan and the same measurements found in the  south american Mayan works – the similarities are difficult to ignore.

·      Jose Arguelles makes a compelling argument about the shift in consciousness in 2012 due to a major galactic synchronization. But what impressed me are the following:
Courtesy: The Mayan Factor
Jose Arguelles
o   Comparison between iChing (8x8 hexagram) and Mayan’s Tzolkin which is 13x20 matrix. In fact there is a Franklin’s magic square which is based on the 8x8 grid of iChing that adds upto 260 which is the galactic constant of Tzolkin. This was amazing.
o   He refers to Radiogenesis – Universal transmission of information through or as light or radiant energy which is very much relevant to our discussions of light and sound.
o   The revelation he received from a Maya Humbatz men belonging to the universal great brotherhood organization revealing that our universe is the 7th such system which Maya has charted in the universe. So, we are not alone J

Would conclude this topic in the next part…

Happy reading!

The Mayan Factor - Jose Arguelles
The Mayan Calender - Tzolkin
You may want to enlarge the image and check out the symbols representing numerals in the left with the mystic column highlighted with the loom of Maya and the actual numbers given in the matrix on the right side. 

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  1. Chit Am BALAM (Mayan ) = Thil Am BALAM (Tamil nadu ) = Elm Tu Am BALAM (north of SriLanka -Karanak , and Teve Ner (MAYA ) = HOLI Water ( English ), =Tivam /Divam ( TA ) = Thave Titam. TEP ETIX ( MAYAN ) = THVAN PETLI ( TAMIL );TEPETTACO ( MAYAN ) = TEVA TLACO (TAMIL ) = GOD SIDE (EN ),