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Monday, March 12, 2012


Among the worldly things, there is nothing more refreshing than hearing a fresh idea or a meaningful quote. While every language can boast of quotes and sayings, there is anything which beats Sanskrit in this. The terse quote, the sweet words, rhythmic sounds and above all the deep meaning in those sayings, takes it all.

Let’s look at few sayings on the topic of friends and relatives. I am picking some of the ones I liked and the first one is my favorite.

Saying 1:      This highlights the top 6 relatives that we should have.

सत्यम माता पिता ज्ञानं धर्मो भ्राता दया सखाह
शांतिः पत्नी क्षमा पुत्रः षडेतेह मम बान्धवाः
-- धर्मराज या युधिस्ठिर

"satyam mAtA pitA jnAnam, dharmo bhrAta dayA sakhA
sHAnti patni kSHamA pUtra, ShaDeteha mama bAndhavAH"

Truth as one's mother,
Knowledge as one's father,
Righteousness as one's brother,
Compassion as one's friend,
Peace as one's wife, (can be interpreted as patience also)
Forgiveness as one's son,
these six are one's closest relatives.

We all have many friends and we select some of them for specific activities.

Saying 2: This highlights our best friends for 4 of the important activities.

विद्या मित्रं प्रवासेषु भार्या मित्रं गृहेषु च ।
व्याधितस्यौषधं मित्रं धर्मो मित्रं मृतस्य च॥
"Vidya Mitram Pravaseshu, Bharya mitram Graheshu cha
Vyadhithsya aushadhim mitram Dharmo Mitram mrityusya cha"

When you are travelling, knowledge / education is your friend, 
When you are in your house, your wife is your friend 
During illness, medicines are the best friends 
After death the Dharma which we did is our friend. 

(Just on the lighter I want to highlight that your wife is not your best friend outside your house and even if she is travelling along with you. :) Don’t you agree?) 

Saying 3: Father-in-law’s (FIL) house

It is very unusual to get quotes about father-in-law. The world is very unfair that not even a fraction of the attention that is given to the Mother-in-law is given to the poor father-in-law. But this quote does some justice and highlights the pride of FIL. 

असारे खलु संसारे सारंश्वशुर मन्दिरम्।
हर : हिमालये शेते विष्णुश्शेते महोद धौ ।

Asaare khule samsaare saaram kusur mandhiram! 
Haraha Himalaye shethe vishnur shethe Mahodhadau!! 

In this meaningless world there is only one place that is worth to live in! That is the house of the FIL. Lord Shiva who married Parvati stays at Himalayas (Parvati is the daughter of Himalay – Parvata Raja). Lord Vishnu who married Goddess Lakshmi stays at the milky ocean. (Goddess Lakshmi was born in the milky ocean when it was churned and hence it her house). 

Both Lord Shiva and Vishnu found it right to stay at their FIL place. Do you need any more proof?

Saying 4: Son, Lion & Donkey

How should a son be? Here the example of a lion’s Cub and donkey’s foal.

एकेनापि सुपुत्रेण सिंही स्वपिति निर्भयम् ।
सहैव दशभिः पुत्रैर्भारं वहति गर्दभी॥

Ekenaapi suputrena simhi svapiti nirbhayam!
Sahaiva Dashabihi putrair Bharam vahathi Ghardabhi!!

A lioness having only one cub relaxes as she is assured that her cub will bring her food through hunting. But the donkey even if having 10 foals will have to carry her loads herself. 

Saying 5: Benign thought

Let me share this very benign thought as the last part for the blog.

paropakArArtham phalanti vRkSaH
paropakArArtham vahanti nadyaH
paropakArArtham dugdhanti gAvaH
paropakArArtham idam zarIram"

For others' benefit, the trees do bear fruits.
For the welfare of others, the rivers keep on flowing.
For the nourishment of others, cows pour out their milk.
So also, this human body is meant for the service of others.

There is one more quote on the same topic which is more powerful.
जीवने यावदादान स्यात प्रदान ततो अधिकं!
इत्येषा प्रर्थानास्माकम भगवन परिपूर्यताम!!
Jeevane yavadaadaan syaat pradhaan thathoadhikam! 

Ityesha prarthana-smaakam Bhagavan paripooryathaatham!! 

In the quote one pray to god that “Please do fulfill our expectation that in our lives whatever we give to others should be greater than whatever we borrow from others”. 

May serving others be our greatest need! 

Happy Reading!


  1. Very nice Sayings! It would have been better if their relevant Sources are also given!!

  2. Very nice Sayings! It would have been better if their relevant Sources are also provided!

  3. Loved these wise sayings.... Thanks for sharing _/\_