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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Yang side of love! - Part 5/5

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Now coming back to our original topic of canning and admonishments, let’s understand what we accomplish when we do this to a kid who is in school just living their abundant energies in an intense and innocent way.

  • When we or our kids are engulfed by a sense of fear then we pollute / congest our throat chakras. That stems higher creativity importantly among other visible effects that are known to us.
  • Kids generally love everything by default and hate things that are not in tune with their frequencies. When they develop a sense of hatred for either the teacher in the class or the school itself, the heart chakra gets polluted or congested. It equally applies for adults too for relevant situations.
  • Now let’s come to most interesting part. As individuals depending what stage of life we are in and what our nature is we all have abundant energies in the lower chakras, and now if the upper chakras are congested then how do these move up?
  • In my opinion per the theory I explained so far, Terrorists and sadists are bunch of helpless souls whose heart chakra is full of hatred and their basic chakra is full of energy to be utilized for destructive purposes. It is important to highlight that their Ajna chakra which is their seat of will, should also be very strong for them to stick to what ever they do.
One of the best explanations I have ever heard on admonishing students is from the Yoga guru BKS Iyengar (he is the Kaliyuga Patanjali) few years back. In one TV interviews the interviewer asked him that “Do you beat your students during Yoga classes if they are not doing the asanas correctly?”

If you are student of martial arts you would have noticed that your master comes and kicks your thighs if the weight is distributed on your knees and heals and not on the thighs. Though painful, this increases awareness on the thighs and the posture gets corrected.

The response from the Yoga Guru was as follows: (Not verbatim, something like this)

”My consciousness is trying to reach my student’s consciousness through my words and his/her ears and since its not reaching in the right way and quickly, my consciousness is trying to reach theirs through my hands.”

When we are angry at our kids then we pollute our heart chakra and pollute our kid’s throat and heart charka with the fear of admonishment we instill in this. So should the admonishment be avoided?

Not at all. But this should be rightly balanced. And how can that be balanced? Some pointers as below:

  • The admonishment should not be an intemperate outburst of our anger or impatience.
  • It can’t be an expression of our inability to control the situation or them.
  • It can’t be the manifestation of our ego “I have told you something and you are not listening”.
  • The intention should not be to punish or control them but to correct them. Instill a sense of self esteem in them that they voluntarily repent for their mistakes. After scoldings give them lots of love so that they still feel loved. 
It simply called as the “Yang side of Love” as it is done in the right measure, balanced with advice but more importantly it is for the betterment of the receiver.

May I also suggest that both the parents and teachers should practice "Thoppu karanam" daily - not as a sense of punishment but as a yogic exercise.

As long as this spirit is seen in every teacher and parent I think we can avoid loosing another kid to this sort of stupidity. 

Yours Yangly!

Happy reading :)

Part 1/5      Part 2/5     Part 3/5       Part 4/5      Part 5/5

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