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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Yang side of love! ....Part 1/5

This is a 5 part blog and hence don’t waste your time on this if you are not interested in any of the below.

  • How Chakras / psychic centers in human body, influence your psychology and hence an essential sub-system of your “mind”?
  • If you are interested to know why artists also have a great sexual drive?
  • How to manage the excess energies in your child or how to manage the excess sexual drive in teen just reaching puberty?
  • How to balance the energies in your chakras within 60 seconds?
If you find this little slow paced, blame it on "Few rounds of Singapore sling", as much of it is written at 30K feet above sea level in SQ flights under the influence of the blamed.

Part 1/5      Part 2/5     Part 3/5       Part 4/5      Part 5/5

News clips in the last few days about how a young boy committed suicide after his school admonished him for his mistakes probably canned him, was probably disturbing me for 2 reasons:

  • When a young boy decides to sacrifice his life for such a trivial thing I am just wondering where are we headed and this disturbed me a lot.
  • Punishments / canning were so common during my school days and what has changed so much in the last 2 decades that this drives suicidal tendencies among kids. I am still trying to figure out this aspect.

“Good living is in balancing the extremes”, said one wise man. Everything in life needs to be balanced and this is the secret to happy life. I believe, like everything else the love and affection we shower on our kids also needs to be moderated. This moderation starts from the day the child is born.

It is believed that a child's psychological development in the initial years is largely due to the “touch” sensation it receives from its parents especially its mother. As we understand excessive affection (excessive physical contact) increases the dopamine levels in the kids and makes it disobedient and selfish. On the other hand excessive retribution and absence of mother’s touch actually increases the levels of nor-adrenaline in the child’s body, making it feel insecure, depressed and unmotivated.

Importance and emphasis on moderation is stressed in many areas in Bhagavad Gita and many other Hindu scriptures. My friend Thiruvallular, who lived 2000+ years before in his Thirukural has mentioned that "நகுதற் பொருட் அன்று நட்பு....மேற் சென்று இடித்தர் பொருட்டு..." This highlights that friendship is not about laughing and agreeing with your friends always but when required, to differ in opinion and censure the friends if they are wrong.

You also would have probably read that Buddha realized that excessive self mortification and ascetic life would not lead to enlightenment and accepted the rice porridge offered by a lady named Sujatha to recover from fatigue. His disciples, who thought that Buddha has abandoned the path for enlightenment, deserted him for some time but joined him later. This again highlights the importance of balance and moderation.

So if there has to be a balance between showering affection and admonishment then that should be at right times and at right levels. How as a family and as a society can we do this in the right measure?

Part 1/5      Part 2/5     Part 3/5       Part 4/5      Part 5/5

Continued in Part 2....

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