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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Yang side of love! - Part 3/5

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So one of the secrets of happy and healthy living is all about first cleaning them and balancing the energies in all these chakras. How can we balance the energies in these chakras is there an easier way to do it?

Would you be surprised if I say that there is program to do this in 60 seconds? Yes. In just 60 seconds clean the chakras and balance the energies. Interested? Then Read on,

All the fitness programs like Yoga, Martial arts, work out in the gym typically cleans and balances these chakras without us knowing it. Walking is a great way to balance the energies. One of the greatest learning for me recently is the understanding that the first step to conscious living is in being aware of this aspect that manifests in every action of ours.

Before I go on to explain the 60 second program let me establish the link between the overactive kids and the chakral energies. Children typically have highly activated Muladhara chakra and as they reach the puberty, their Swadhistana also becomes highly energized. Does not matter what we say they have to expend their energies and hence they become very naughty and troublesome at times. This over energized basic chakra typically helps them find our weakest nerve and make them step on it at the weakest moment J.

Another interesting aspect I read is about the linkage between Visudhi chakra and the swasdhitana (sex) chakra. Visudhi in the throat represents higher creativity (active in artists, poets, painters, designers, engineering experts, software professionals (not the programmers but the architects) etc) and swadhistana is the center of lower creativity and procreation as explained. So a person who is highly creative - by default and by god’s design should be very active in sex life too, since the energy channels are connected and shared. This perhaps explains why artists have a very active sex life.

For my rational friends who are adamant about proof, let me tell you this. There is no proof scientifically (it cant be shown as a physical entity) that the chakras exist but of late there are kirlian scanners which scan and give the energy level and the quality of energy in human body just like X-ray machines.

So what is the 60 seconds program?

Part 1/5      Part 2/5     Part 3/5       Part 4/5      Part 5/5

....Continued in Part 4

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