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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Yang side of love! - Part 2/5

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I tried to answer the following questions:

·        Have I been admonished / canned at school and did it have a positive impact on me?
o       I vaguely remember getting canned in primary school but don’t know / can’t remember if that had a positive impact on me.
·        Have I been admonished / canned by my father and did it have a positive impact on me?
o       Definitely yes for both the questions.
·        Would I agree if my kid’s school admonishes / canned them for potential situations?
o       Admonishment – Yes.
o       Canning – Definitely no.

The more I thought about this, the more I am convinced that the problem lies some where else. The issue is in improper emotional and psychological development of the child for which the parents are largely responsible which manifests and drives them to the extremes like this. I could not understand any other way to explain the problem. I believe, it is wrong to fully keep teachers or school responsible for such incidents. Let me qualify that I am not passing the opinion for a specific incident in news but sharing a larger perspective.  

Let’s also look at the Indian Yogic way on the root cause and the solution to the problem. Let me explain the concept first and then identify the root cause and the solution to this.

Human beings are psycho-somatic organisms and our western medical science is still in the nascent stages of development to understand the psychology of a being. They are largely obsessed with brain and central nervous system as the components of human mind and our energies are devoted to unravel them.

Indian philosophies, in my opinion have a very comprehensive view of this and one of the subsystems of the human mind that is elaborately discussed are our seven chakras which apart from having a spiritual dimension has a significant psychological dimension too.

Without going into too many details let me highlight the following:
·        There are 7 Chakras in the body they are the Basic / Muladhara chakra, Swadhitana / Sex Chakra, Manipura / Navel chakra, Anahata / heart chakra, Visudhi / Throat chakra, Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara chakra.
·        These are the psychic and energy centers in the body. They generate, store and distribute life force energy for various systems in the body and each of them is responsible different psychological aspects. You can google about chakras if you need more details.
·        It is said that typically human beings like us constantly live in the lower 3 chakras which deals with survival (Muladhara), procreation (Swadistana) and seat of lower emotions (Manipura), which means bulk of energies revolve around these chakras.
·        The path to enlightenment is all about recognizing the potential, subliming the energies and taking it to the higher chakras from the lower.
·        So typically when some one has lots of physical energy then it is attributed to overactive Muladhara chakra. Athletes typically have a very strong basic chakra. This chakra is also related to prosperity and hence people who are poor would have under activated / weak basic chakra.
·        The results of over active swasdhistana / sex do not require any explanation. When teens reach puberty they tend to have more energy concentrated in their sex chakra.
·        Typical egoistic, adamant personalities like me should be having over activated manipura chakra.
·        When the Anahata has more (pure) energy then love, kindness, compassion manifests in a person and so on.
·        Our day today life style significantly congests energies in the chakras, pollutes them and makes it either over or under activated.
·        Hatred and anger congests heart and solar plexus chakras. Fear congests throat / Visuddhi chakra.

Part 1/5      Part 2/5     Part 3/5       Part 4/5      Part 5/5

....Continued in Part 3.

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