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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tricks with the tip of the tongue!

  • No. I am not responsible if you have come to this blog with any "different ideas" after reading the headline .
  • Connecting the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth or palate of the mouth is a well kept secret in Yoga, meditation and martial arts schools. I came across this technique while reading about Tai-Chi secrets and got it well corroborated during the Pranic healing classes. Lets discuss why this should be done. 
  • Again I would like to highlight that this not written from a position of authority but certainly is shared as a practitioner who has experienced the benefits first hand.

You need to have basics on meridians as described in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  This roots back to Indian scriptures but Chinese medicine has developed this into multiple areas in a much matured way like acupressure, acupuncture, applications in martial arts like Dim mak etc. Let me try to explain this as easily as possible.

First lets see how to connect this. Take the tip of the tongue to one inch behind your upper teeth inside the roof of your mouth and without pressing hard just touch it softly and let it settle down there. Saliva may secrete and you can swallow the same. It should settle down quickly.

It is told that new born kids by default have their tongue connected to the palate even when it is sleeping. Now lets go through the reason.
    • Energy channels that carry Prana / Chi are called as meridians in Chinese and "nadis" in the Indian system.There are 72000 nadis in human body which are the energy channels and there are 12 major organs. There are 12 main meridians that energize our major organ systems. 
    • Two meridians are known as the Master Meridians – they are in charge of all the rest.They are called the Conception or Central Vessel (CV) and the Governing Vessel (GV).
    • The very fact they are called “vessels” gives us a clue. A meridian is a line of energy; a vessel is some sort of container. These two meridians, the Master Meridians, are important because they “contain” the secret of energy and vitality.
    • Both of these meridians begin at the perineum – that part of the body between the genitals and the anus. The Central Vessel travels up the front - through the Chest, soft tissues of the body, bisecting the belly button - and ends at the tip of the tongue.
    • The Governing Vessel (governs our movement) travels up the spine - through the hard bony tissues of the vertebrae, over the bones of the cranium - and ends at the roof of the mouth.
    • To keep the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth completes the “microcosmic circuit” and allows the energy to flow.
    • Doing Mula Bandha (You can google if you want to know more) helps this circuit to close at the perineum. This is the lower lock and connecting the tongue is the upper lock. Actually doing Jalandhara bandha should provide the upper lock but I have not seen or read any text highlighting this.

With this circuit closed we can tap the energy where we want.
  • When we tap the sternum, we direct this flowing energy to the thymus gland, stimulating its function – producing T-cells, thereby enhancing the immune response.
  • We can also tap over the right lower rib cage to stimulate the liver, the cranium to stimulate the brain, etc. 
  • The other advantages include feeling more energetic, noticing that ones aura expands as we do it. I have read some reports that it helps in improving the overall speed of recuperation. 

    If one has heard about "Kechari Mudra" it is similar but an advanced form. The tongue is taken further back and inserted into the hollow area of the nasal pathway from the top of the throat. It is believed that amrut from bindu flows down and is collected at a point called Lalana chakra located some where between the throat and nose.

    So what is the use of knowing this? You can connect your tongue to your palate if required all the times except when it is not possible like eating, talking etc. Don't connect the tongue to the palate when you are excreting / urinating. 

    It is certainly recommended that you connect the tongue to the palate during your Yoga classes, pranayama practice or during meditation.

    I am sure you would find this useful if you are a regular practitioner!

    Happy reading :)

    1. Yes. This is the best you can do with your tongue when you are all alone. :).
    2. If you are a chronic smoker, alcoholic or a non-vegetarian, please do not bother yourself with this since it does more harm to you than good.
    3. Due regards and gratitude to people who helped me understand this.


    1. Why does this act do more harm than good to a non-vegetarian ?

    2. @Bharat: The theory is a non-vegetarian diet esp. meat and pork has significant "dirty" energy that is more gross. Apart it being difficult to sublime and transport, even if its done its going to do harm than good.
      As you know I am a vegetarian and cannot qualify this with experience.