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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sanskrit sayings 5 - Sharing, Humility, Useless people, Pyre and Worry

This is part 5 of the Sanskrit quotes that i liked. Hope you enjoy it.

 1: Giving & Sharing

दानोपभोगरहिता दिवसा यस्य यान्ति वै। 
स लोहकारभस्त्रेव श्वसन्नपि न जीवति॥
Dhaanaubhogarahita divasaa yasya yaanti vai!
Sa lohakaarabhastraiva svasannapi na jeevati!!

The quote very nicely captures “Living is in giving and giving is living”. A person who passes his days without donations and enjoyments is like a blacksmith's bellows, he breathes but does not live.

Topic 2: Humility

भवन्ति नम्रास्तरवः फलोद्गमैः
नवाम्बुभिर्भूरिविलम्बिनो घनाः ।
अनुद्धताः सत्पुरुषाः समृद्धिभिः
स्वभाव एवैषः परोपकारिणाम् ॥
Bhavanti namraastaravaha phalaudhajamaihi
Navaam bhubhirbhuri vilambino ganaaha
Anudhdhatha satpurushaaha samrudhdhibhihi
Svabhaava yevaisha paropakaarimaan!!

On bearing fruits, trees bend (i.e. become humble), 
with new [recently] gathered water, clouds hang very low,
wealthy good men maintain non-arrogant nature,
this is the nature of benevolent persons.

Topic 3: Useless poeple

व्दौ अम्भासी निवेष्टव्यौ गले बदध्वा दृटां शिलां!
धनावान्तामदातारम  दरिद्रम चातपस्विनम !!
Vdau Ambaasi niveshtavyau Gale Bandhvaa dritaam sheelam
Dhanaavaanataam dhaathaaram Daridram chaatapasvinam!!

There are two types of people who should be pushed in deep water with heavy stones tied to their body! One who does not donate despite being rich and the other who does not work hard despite being poor !!

Topic 4: Worry & Pyre

चिन्ता चिता समानाऽस्ति बिन्दुमात्रविशेषतः |
सजीवं दहते चिन्ता निर्जीवं दहते चिता ||
Chinta Chita samaanasti binda maatra visheshita!
Sajeevam dahate chinta nirjeevam dahate chita!

This is a classic quote which talks about similarity between worry and funeral pyre. While worry burns the body alive, the funeral pyre burns the dead body. "Chita" means pyre and "Chinta" means worry and the difference is just an anusvara! So, avoid anxiety.

Topic 5: Always worry about this!

कः कालः कानि मित्रांनी को देशः कौव्ययागमौ
कज्चाहं का चमे शक्ति रीति चिन्त्यं मुहुमुर्हुः!!

Well. While the earlier quote told us not to worry, this quote tells us to worry about few things always. If you are confused at the contradictions. Isn't life all about balancing extremes and contradictions? Instead of using the word "Worry" i would rather use circumspect and contemplate.

How is the time / situation around me? who & how are my friends? what is condition in the country? what are the things for and against me (or what do I have and what I don't have)? who am I? what are my strengths?" one should always worry about these questions. 

Happy reading!


  1. Ragu,
    You share so much of wealth. Possibly not knowing how many peoples lives you touch. Thanks for sharing and encouraging others to share and being humble. Like this post of yours very much. Best wishes!

  2. Ragu,
    You share so much of wealth. You may not know how many peoples lives you touch and influence through your blog and sharing. Thanks for being a good friend, sharing so much and encouraging us to share and be humble.
    Best wishes - Omesh Adiani.