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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is Delhi the "Rape Capital" of India?

As always the media has been going ballistic (this time rightfully so) on the horrific rape news of a Delhi based doctor who was raped in a moving bus. For those who have an eye for such crimes stats, they would tell you that it is not anything surprising in India.

The statistics tell us that in 2001 one woman / girl is raped every 54 minutes and in 2011 it has worsened to one in 24 minutes. Now this is based on the crimes that are registered and if you have lived in India, you would agree that it is a general tendency not to raise these things in public unless there is a strong trigger. Having been ethics counselor in some reputed concerns, I can tell you the actual cases of sexual abuse and rape crimes should be far higher than what we see.

I saw on TV the police commissioner asking a reporter as to why you called "Delhi - the rape capital of India". We are as intelligent as we are informed and since our Media just shouts without any data, I decided to browse through some statistics and put together  this analysis.

1. The rape statistics of 2011 are as per the Home Ministry.
2. I analysed this against the female population in that state / city. I also analysed it against the size of the state / city.
3. I derived 2 ratios, Ratio of rapes per every 1000 females and Ratio of rapes every 100 Sq km.

Now, I wanted to make it clear that its shame on all the right minded Indians if we are  happy about less rapes in our state and more rapes in the neighbor states. We should be equally ashamed and unhappy about every crime that happens in any part of India.

But the tables show a very clear ranking. Delhi seems to be worse off and is worth calling the rape capital of India when you compare the ratio of rape in every 100 sq km specially. It is startlingly 10 times more than the 2nd ranked state which is Kerala and also more than the sum of all the ratios of other states put together.

Delhi ranks 5th in ratio per 1000 people, but surprisingly Assam leads this ratio across India. MP, WB, UP and Rajasthan seems to be worse off in absolute numbers of rape. I am not fully sure about the rape cases in Haryana.

There were multiple reactions from asking for death penalty to these culprits to emotional debates by our MPs. My thoughts as follows:

Capital Punishment: 

I think we should first hang the people who are already sentenced to death. Its a shame that the 20+yr old death sentences are still pending. What caste, creed, which community how much votes we will lose - every damn thing is a factor when it comes to execute a criminal. As a country we are impotent in executing death sentences. We have seen dengue mosquitoes are more effective than our justice delivery system but how can we depend on them always?

Political will: 
Its not long before the President of India (Mrs. Patil) and the HM (PC) colluded to pardon number of culprits which included child rapists and killers. This has happened in this year only. What do expect from these elected jokers when there is no political will to punish the culprits.

Experts say crime can be controlled effectively with the speed of justice more than the severity of justice. We have to speed up the justice delivery mechanism.

In my opinion nothing works more effectively than CASTRATION for such crimes. This way you disable them without the tool to repeat the crime. And just like the victim will live with a scar, the culprit also should live with one (or rather without one? :)).

I think we should request government to deploy mobile castration centers in specific areas and see the speed at which this menace can be controlled. Many like me would be more than glad to donate rusted scissors for this punishment.

Being a father, husband and brother, I want to see love, admiration, fear and respect in men's eyes and not lust when they see girls / women in this country.

Yours angry-sadly

Happy reading!

PS: Please ignore the word millions in the first table under female population. Its already given in millions. I am too lazy to change this in the picture :)


  1. nice one...
    MP comes at top becoz of better reporting
    there should be a way by comparing with other crimes which do not depend on reporting (say murder or accident) to see truth of these rape data

  2. Useful analysis.
    Another interesting statistic would be to map this against the mail:female ratios in these states.

  3. Useful analysis.
    Another interesting statistic would be to map this against the male:female population ratio in these states.