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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tusker Charging our jeep...

It was Nagarahole on Sep 27th, 2009 and we (I, Aishu (my daughter) and a newly married couple (Coz the jeep for jungle safari was shared with the resort inmates) were returning from Jungle Safari. The driver took a small deviation at about 6pm in the evening to explore if we can see some wild animals.

At about 20 ft we saw a 8 feet tusker standing calmly right on the road and hence we could not drive further. The width of the road was just 8-10 feet making it difficult for a quick U turn. The driver suddenly decided to honk loudly and roar the vehicle in neutral to ward the tusker off.

The Tusker got turned on. It started charging our jeep. I was almost hanging outside the jeep trying to record this. When the driver took reverse at very high speed i lost my balance and by the time you can see i regaining some balance the tusker was at 10 feet.

Fortunately it decided to back off and get back into the forest after 15 minutes of hide and seek in the bushes. It gives me jitters every time i see this. Many were asking me to share this and hence it is here....

Generally elephants roam around as herds and mostly as you are focusing on the one that is charging your vehicle, the other one comes and takes you from your left or right. Fortunately this did not happen.

Also this guy was standing in the bushes for almost 10-15 minutes for us to move forward. We also waited for about 15 minutes and drove ahead after we were sure that it moved out. That was fun!

Happy reading!

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