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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Herbal Support to Prevent and Help Cure Swine Flu

I read this very interesting piece of Swine flu care from a website and thought of sharing it here. The author of this piece is an authority in the field of therapeutic alternate medicine and a TaiChi grand master from China... The second suggestions sounds pretty simple.

The following herbal preparations can be taken to support the prevention and cure of Swine Flu:

I. Combine the following:
1. 30 grams of white radish
2. 15 grams of the white part of scallion 15g;
3. 3 grams of Coriander
Add 1 liter (just over 4 cups) of water and bring to a boil. Wait until it has cooled to drink.

II. Combine the following:
1. 3 grams shredded Ginger
2. 3 grams Mint
3. 3 grams red date (without the seed)
Add 200-300ml boiling water, cover and let steep about 5-10 minutes, then drink.

These two preparations can help prevent flu and can also be used to help cure the flu. They can be drunk daily or every other day as a preventative during flu season or more frequently if you have the flu already.

Happy reading!

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