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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mera Bharat Mahan!

I have been in hibernation for some time, not having the drive to blog about anything.

Thanks our national political scene, i thought i shall quickly and satirically comment on some of the top headlines. Read as news item in the first line and my comment subsequently.

"இடுக்கண் வருங்கால் நகுக!" said the great sage Thiruvalluvar which means "Face your troubles with a smile". I doubt if the sage is living now with us he would have thought twice before saying this. Yet, this blog is an attempt to do that when we are facing so many troubles as a nation.

Kapil Sibal - Most of the kids are addicted to porn in the internet! 
Hmm, this is the reason behind his itch to censor the internet.

Rahul Baba - 70% of youth in Punjab are drug addicts. 
Not sure if he was talking about Youth Congress members and mistaken it as entire Punjab!

Congress Haryana Leader - Goyat - 90% of the rapes are Consensual. 
Yeah! you read it right. This is after JUST 19 rapes in one month. He is inspired by Abhishek Manu Singhvi, ND Tiwari of congress for sure.

Soniaji - In her Rajkot rally said that she is concerned about rapes in Gujarat and wants to build a new Gujarat.
Aiyo, This should have sent jitters across the spines of Gujju girls and women. Please note that in 3-4 days time there were 5 rapes in Haryana after Madamji's visit which means the "rate of rapes" have accelerated.

Salman Khurshid - His NGO trust allegedly cheats and loots money meant for specially-abled people. 
I agree that it is their curse that has made him to appear mentally challenged and morally bankrupt whenever he is in front of the camera.

Shikandi Singh - Disproportionate negativity about corruption is not good. 
Yeah, but disproportionate looting is fine? I can stand anything in life but not when our PM speaks about probity.

Toilet Singh - India will grow by 8% and planning for it. 
I read this today morning in some daily. This can be taken as a stupid joke among the cruel ones we have heard. 

Revenue Minister abducts his own Chief Medical Officer in UP.
I actually still cannot believe this news yet. So, no comments.

SGPC - Terrorists and anti-nationals honored in Punjab. 
This is of-course done by the 3/10th people of Punjab which Rahul baba has excluded. I guess we are actually fine with 7/10th of the population. What say?

Assassination bid against a decorated Indian ex-army officer. 
What can i say on this?

Rs.1800 crore has been spent one person's foreign travel and that too for all undisclosed places and reasons. 
Hmm, We could have got 5 crore Indians out of poverty line with Rs. 32/- per day for almost a year.

All the above were summed nicely by a one-liner in twitter as "UPA is trending, please keep your wallets safe" :).

Daamad ji - We are all mango men in a banana republic. 
Actually his parents named him as just "T" and the prefix he took as an adjective / noun has reflected how he has led life so far. Considering that he took few crores as over draft and the DLF related deals in the news are in the order of few 10s of crores, Team Congress should be  fuming for the sheer pettiness about the loot. Just few crores chori tag for the first family is kicking them below the belt. How can the first family be associated with such petty thefts when the loots have crossed INR 5 Lakh crores. This goes on to prove that you can take a metal scrap dealer from Delhi and put in him 10JP but cannot take the "metal scrap mentality" out of him, isn't?

So i recommend that MILji should rename Daamadji as "Petty Robber-T Vadra".

The best comment i relished was from a internet magazine about RV is, talking about the stupidity with which he aggregated evidence against himself, the magazine concluded that Daamadji's intelligence made his brother-in-law look like Einstein. ROFLLLL and laughing.

But, Of all the people I agree with our Ghar Jamaai. Look at our paid media and all the clowns governing us. I agree that we are a mango-banana milkshake as a country to still have them in power and not behind jail bars....

Despite all this majority of us are hopeful, optimistic and expecting a positive change in the near future. Yeah that includes me too. So, i conclude that we are a country of die hard optimists within a "mango-banana milkshake" republic...

Yours satirically
Mera Bharat Mahan!

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