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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Floating in the field of thought forms....Part 1/2

Part 1/2                    Part 2/2

We are also what others think!!!... this is predominant thought that drove me write this blog. If you are interested then check this out.... 

Our thoughts follow our passion or desire and our energies follow our thoughts. Hence we are what we deeply desire. Many of us understand the power of thoughts but fail to understand the consequence and negative side of living in a society. 

Each thought, it is said, comprises of a thought wave and a thought form both of them essentially a blended function of "thought-emotion-energy". It is explained that a thought wave and thought form is technically different but has the same root, hence we will ignore the technical difference for the time being and consider them as one.

It is told that each of us create as much as 60000 thought forms in a day, which essentially means about 40 thought forms a minute. These thought forms can be considered as a small energized "Thought - emotion" packets floating around us. If they are powerful enough they can be directed to specific individuals or they can be absorbed by other people.

Now unlike magnetic poles where "Opposites attract and likes repel", here in the case of thought forms "Likes attract.". This means if i am emanating some kind of thought form say lust or devotion, then i tend to attract similar thought forms from the surrounding and so you do from me.

This sounds very simple and straight but what blew my mind off is the following:
  • If each and every one generate 60000 thought forms then in a office of 1000 people we generate 60 million thought forms in a day.
  • Fortunately or unfortunately most of these thought forms weaken and get destroyed in a matter of hours. Some of the strong and persistent ones survive and travel across. If its strong enough then it is told that it can travel anywhere and reach any one. Thats where the power of thought comes. Lets say most of the thought forms destroy themselves in 4 hours. 
  • So, we produce 10000 thought forms in these 4 hours and 10million thought forms in a office of 1000 at any point of time. Yes, 10 million good, bad, ugly thought forms around us!!!!....
  • In a city like Bangalore which has 6 million + population its about 60 billion thought forms that are radiating in the city at any point of time.
  • Cities like Shanghai, Mumbai, Delhi, Karachi, Moscow, Sao Paulo etc have a population of 10 to 15 million people and hence 100-150 billion thought forms radiating / floating around the city.
Have we not noticed that we are comfortable with the company of some and not comfortable with few others?

Have we not noticed as we land in a city like Delhi or Mumbai there is a qualitative change in our mental make up?

Have we not wondered some times, Why we did what we did? I guess when ever we tend to think we just do this piece only :)).

The answer to most of them is we are moving around in the "Floating or radiating field of thought forms"... Whether we like it or not, we absorb others thought forms and offer ours to others.

It was scary when i read and discussed about this to some of the experts, since we are not just what we think but we are what others think too!...

Life is full of choices as we choose among  them and make a living. Hence its decision making all the time... it could be small or big. If this is the case then how do you protect yourself  from undesirable thought forms of others and influences you to do what you don't want to do?

Check that out in the Part 2 of this blog...
Part 1/2                    Part 2/2
Yours thoughtfully,

Happy reading!

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